Online Dating When to Swap Numbers

Have you ever tried dating on dating sites? If not, then you have lost a lot in terms of communicating with new people. Yes, of course, someone will say that you can communicate in real life, and you can’t argue with that.

But, firstly, not all people are sociable, and many are simply terribly shy by nature, and for them direct communication is “like death.” And, secondly, the network, and in particular dating sites, is a half-anonymous environment. Here a person is liberated, and, as a rule, writes what he really thinks. So to understand (without prejudice to your own psyche) who is really in front of you is much easier than in ordinary life. So dating sites are a great opportunity for everyone to practice their communication skills. And yet, oddly enough, this is a place for gambling natures. No need to be surprised, because dating sites are like playing in a casino – and what you will find (or not find) in the end is completely incomprehensible. However, a small guide to the country of “network dating”, just in case, will not hurt anyone. What you need to know when registering on a dating site? There is great dating advice for women

All profiles on such services are the same: age, a brief description of appearance, marital and financial status – these are standard data, without which registration is impossible. Most users are limited to filling out only a short form, and do not bother with a more detailed description, although this option is available in other sections of the questionnaire. Naturally, the more a person writes about himself, the better. But even from the short version of the questionnaire, you can also learn a lot of useful things, at least about marital status. It is clear that no one will provide you with a scan of the passport page with a marriage stamp. But if a person initially indicates that he is married or married – is it worth getting to know him if you are determined to look for a serious relationship on the site?

 Photo profiles – this is perhaps the main deception of all online dating. This is how a person works, that first of all he pays attention to appearance – this applies to both women and men. You saw a beautiful main photo, but there are no more photos in the user’s albums? Or are the rest of the photos such that the face is almost invisible? It is clear that this is an occasion to think, but did the person post their photos? Of course, anything can happen, and if you really want to chat with this particular lady or man, then ask her / him to send other photos in private messages. This is a completely natural request, which (if a person has nothing to hide) is not difficult to fulfill. In any case, first of all, you should pay attention to profiles with at least a few photographs (moderately processed by Photoshop and taken in a natural setting).

Many members of dating sites immediately offer to exchange phone numbers – if you liked each other during the first correspondence by correspondence. Whether to take this step or not is a difficult question. On the one hand, hearing a person’s voice, his manner of speaking, etc., will make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth continuing to communicate. On the other hand, by giving out your phone number, you run the risk of getting yourself into all sorts of problems in the future. Who knows how your communication will develop in the future? And if the person turns out to be not quite adequate and will constantly call you. How to get rid of such an interlocutor?

In this case, you can suggest that you first continue communication on social networks. So you will have the opportunity to get to know your counterpart better by reading the entries in his account. Even better is video communication: this way you maintain some anonymity, and, at the same time, you have visual contact with the interlocutor. And this, first of all, is an opportunity to find out if a person has posted his photos on the site, before you meet him in real life. With the help of dating advice websites, you can find more information on the related topic.

Have you decided to make an appointment in real life? Well, then do not set yourself up for the fact that a prince on a white horse will come to you (for girls) or Miss Universe will come (for men), so as not to be immediately disappointed from the meeting. Do not forget that we are all ordinary people who are trying to show their best side on a dating site. In life, it is almost impossible to present yourself exclusively from advantageous positions. Therefore, be indulgent – remember that everyone has flaws, including you.

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