NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (October 2022)

NYT mini Crossword Answers Today October 73rd (10/17/2022). The NYT Mini Crossword puzzle game will be published in the New York Times newspaper. New York Times will also make the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle available on its news websites. You can also access the NYT Mini Crossword on your mobile device via an android or apple ios app. Joel Fagliano developed the game. This website has crossword answers that can be accessed by puzzle players. This article also contains the October answers. Daily answers to the NYT Mini Crossword will also be available for players.

Joel Fagliano created the NYT Crossword Puzzles. These crossword puzzles are enjoyed by many players over the years. The NYT Mini Crossword has gained a lot of popularity. This page will contain the daily answers to the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle. The October answers to the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle can be found here.

Name of the game NYT Mini crossword – New York Times
Created by Rich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date 17th October (10/17/2022).
Month October 2022
Puzzle Available on website, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword Official Website nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

NYT Mini Crossword today Answer (October 2022).

The NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle October 2022 answers are 100% correct and you can check them free of charge. Below are the NYT Mini Crossword October answers.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 17th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Informally, CARBY is like a great pre-marathon meal
  • “Mr. “Mr.
  • Sprint faster than: OUTRAN
  • Polos and tees for golfers: Athletes
  • “Ripe” is a period in one’s life that lasts for a long time: OLDAGE
  • Diaper wearers: BABIES
  • FISHERMAN: Laced Cigarette
  • It’s possible: COULDBE
  • Cultural event featuring craft booths at ARTFAIR
  • RAREM: Red diamonds or black opals, for example
  • BLARES: Plays at a loud volume
  • Strong desires: YENS
  • MOOLAH, Money in Informal
  • Oodles and oodles – GOBS
NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 14th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Constellation component – STAR
  • Osman from HBO Max’s “Rap Sh!t!” – AIDA
  • Aches and ___: PAINS
  • ROCK – Archetype for solidity
  • Pale and grayish: ASHY
  • Source for maple syrup: SAP
  • Part of a princess dress : TIARA
  • “Hasta la vista” : SEEYALATER
  • According to a study, RANCH is the most popular American salad dressing.
  • Firmament – SKY
NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 13th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Saltwater is available in the OCEAN
  • HASTY is not well-thought out
  • Toucan ___ (cereal-mascot): SAM
  • Saltwater eyes are a painful place
  • OHM = Unit of electrical resistance
  • Effect’s counterpart is CAUSE
  • English class assignment: ESSAY
  • “Once upon _____ …”: ATIME
  • It is M.S.G. It has M.S.G.
NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 12th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Ticked off: MAD
  • Stage of growth:
  • One preferring solitude: LONER
  • ORGAN: Internal body part or musical instrument.
  • DNA is short for DNA, crime lab material
  • Japanese comics style: MANGA
  • Sail the Atlantic: Say ASEA
  • Laura from “Jurassic Park”, DERN
  • Slow down: PLOD
  • External body part or a musical instrument: HOR

Play NY Times Mini Crossword Game

NYT Mini Crossword, the puzzle game, is being regularly updated. You can find the puzzles on NYT Newspaper, NYT Official Website, and Android App. You can find the NYT Mini Cross playing directions and other details at the following.

  • You can open the official NY Times game website nytimes.com/games in your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times Account
  • Play the NYT Mini Crossword.

Steps to Play the NYT Mini Crossword Game on Android/ IOS App:

  • Open the New York Times app from your Android, or IOS device .
  • The play section will be visible.
  • Click the Mini Crossword Game
  • To play the puzzle, tap Play.

NYTimes Mini Crossword (NYT) Updates

Every day, the NY Times Mini Crossword will update at 12:00 am local time. You can download the NYT Mini Crossword game on any Android device for free. You can play this game on any Android device, including a tablet, a mobile phone, a laptop or pc.

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