North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X (Dec) Check How To Obtain It?

The guide contains information on The North Pole Wolf Simulator X to let players understand how to get it.

Fans of the popular pet-themed game Pet Simulator X are attracted to the game’s exclusive pets. There are numerous exclusive and limited edition pets and famous pets. But, players must get these pets by using the resources available in game.

North Pole Wolf is the legendary pet in the game. it is a must to hatch out of the eggs that contain numerous gifts and the Christmas tree egg. We’ll discuss this in the future.

Before we can play, we should know about the North Pole Wolf Pet Simulator X and why it’s very popular with players in both the Philippines as well as in the United States.

What is North Pole Wolf in Pet Sim X?

North Pole Wolf is the famous pet that is available within Pet Simulator X. It is the most famous pet within the game. It is also available for purchase from the mystery seller. Mystery Merchant will be the retailer one of exclusive pet pets that are available in the game. It offers pets for sale at 65% less as compared to that of the Travelling Merchant.

At present, North Pole Wolf is the most powerful animal available on the market. It’s unlockable at 3.78b level. Additionally, it is able to hatch by hatching an egg. Christmas Tree Egg.

How to Hatch North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X?

The players playing Pet Simulator X want to master the techniques in order to get the beloved pet that is in the game. The pet is available in the game, however it has to be hatched.

Anyone who wants to acquire the legendary pet should get it through the egg that contains numerous gifts. The Christmas tree eggs are the sole choice to obtain the pet. However, the likelihood to get the dog are different with respect to the degree of the player.

It draws players because it is the most powerful legendry pet available in the game. People who have managed to acquire this pet North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X dominate the game at present. In addition to the sources mentioned above players can also purchase the legendary pet from Mystery Merchant at a 65 percentage lower cost than Travelling Merchant.

How to Unlock Christmas Tree Egg for North Pole Wolf?

Before you can unlock to unlock the North Pole Wolf in the game, you have to get access to the Christmas Tree Egg from where the pet can be purchased. Players must go to The Christmas World to unlock the Christmas Tree Egg.

But it comes at the price of 400K in-game resources. To develop the golden version players must spend 3.5M in game resources. Before creating the North Polar Wolf Pet Sim X it is necessary to obtain your Christmas Tree Egg in the game.


Pet Simulator X is an online game that has huge fans and a large player base. But the unique and famous pets that are available in this game constitute the major draw for players. However, they’re not accessible in the game. Players must create the pet using eggs. Christmas Tree Egg or Egg of many gifts.

The North Pole Wolf is the famous pet which is available for hatching within the game. If you’re interested in the North Pole Wolf in Sim X you can purchase an Christmas Tree Egg to hatch it within the game.

Do you have an experience with the North Pole Wolf in Pet Simulator X? If yes, then please let us know your experiences in the comments section.

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