No Jumper Fight Video: What Happens Next?

This article contains information about the No Jumper Fight Video incident. It also tells readers about the story of the fight.

Have you seen the video from the controversial No Jumper podcast. The No Jumper podcast is a well-known show on Adam22’s official channel. People from the United States as well as other countries enjoy following the show for interesting interviews.

Recently, however, a heated argument on the No Jumper podcast escalated into violence. If you are interested in the details, read the No jumper Fight Video.

What happens during a podcast show?

The No Jumper podcast is regarded as the most popular podcast in the world. However, a recent interview went wrong, leading to one of the podcast’s hosts punching another. It was Almighty Suspect vs Kelpy.

It was a recent event that attracted thousands of viewers as people began searching for Lil Kelpy’s name after the podcast fight.

Viral on Twitter – What happens during an interview?

The interview was filled with heated arguments and a frank exchange of words between the guests. Almighty Suspect punched Kelpy as Kelpy was trying to defend himself.

Things turned sour when Kelpy made an inappropriate comment about Almighty. He lost his cool. The crew members took Kelpy and Almighty to safety so that it doesn’t happen again. The podcast was ended exactly at that moment.

Is there a video of the fight?

You can watch the interview video online. It is becoming viral on various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. There are several clips of the fight that you can view on Twitter. However, the video contains violence as well as inappropriate language.

Many people began looking for information about Lil Kelpy after the fight. He was news on Reddit and other platforms for many viewers. Everyone was also interested in the causes of the fights.

What happens next?

If the Almighty Suspects keep throwing punches at Lil Kelpy’s face, it turns red and it has blood. This makes it serious. Everyone intervened to stop the fight and stopped the podcast.

There is no information on the fate of Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy following the fight. Some users claim that both were equally responsible for the action. Lil Kelpy was accused of saying some horrible things which Almighty couldn’t handle, as shown in a viral video on Telegram.

Has there been a similar incident?

Celebrities often get into fights with one another, and everyone loses their cool during interviews or award shows. Will Smith and Chris Rock were involved in an incident at the Oscars that went viral.

Chris Rock makes inappropriate comments about Jada Pinkett Smith (i.e. Will Smith’s wife). He couldn’t contain himself and got up on the stage to slap Chris Rock. The No Jumper Fight Video was far more intense than the Oscar accident.

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Last words

The entire incident between the two well-known singers shocked fans. People are still waiting for the official response as it is unacceptable to strike someone so severely during a show. You can see the video here.

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