Nnnell Review: What is nnnell .com?

In this Nnnell review it is possible to get complete information on this store to be able to determine if it is you are dealing with a Nnnell .com fraud or a reputable firm.

Below are the additional information which suggest that Nnnell is a scam website:

Brand Misuse

It has chosen Woodbury Common Premium Outlets as its logo and name on its website. However, it’s not affiliated with the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets company. This is why it has misappropriated the name of the brand Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Note: At present, it is using the brand name Woodbury Common Premium Outlets However, it could use a different brand name or modify its website’s information completely in the near future, because a lot of similar types of scam websites are discovered to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

It has posted faux social media buttons on its site which take you to the homepages of these specific social media websites when you click on them instead of sending you to its social media for business pages, profiles or groups.

Copy content

The theme of the site and a host of other details on its website are in line with a variety of problematic websites.

Discount and Sales deals

It lists a variety of items (such like: Rogoman Men’s Stand Collar for Outdoor use Solid Colour Jacket, Rogoman Men’s Denim Faux Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket Vintage Style Heated Cotton Jacket lightweight warm Coat for Women and Men, Thunder Jacket, BOREAS The Floating Ice Fishing Suit Mid-length winter women’s solid color padded jacket Hooded jacket, etc.) for sale, with overly dramatic discounts. The majority of scam sites are found to be selling discount coupons to lure users to join their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

You will find a variety of similar online stores that have complaints regarding their product’s quality, delivery speed and also about customer service.


The above facts confirm that Nnnell is a shady online store.

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Be aware that these websites are known to be changing their website’s name and the content on their site periodically. Therefore, the review above is based upon the information that were posted on their website on the the date mentioned above. If you come across any other details other than those we’ve given in this review it means that this website has altered its info. This, however, makes it a suspicious website.

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