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This write-up is about the review of a website that sells women’s clothes. This is where you can discover reviews of Nithengo. Stay connected to us.

Are you searching for a site which you can purchase the latest clothes? Have you heard about the website called Nithengo? Today, many people in countries that are developed, such as that of the United States and many other countries are moving to online shopping.

It is possible that you want to purchase the materials found on this website. Read the material in this article with care to ensure that you do not ignore any important aspects. You will discover reviews of Nithengo that will assist you decide on the credibility of this company.

The introduction to the web site: is an e-commerce site that focuses on selling women’s clothes. There are cardigans, tops, skirtsand tops, as well as short dresses, long dresses, and more. We have thoroughly explored the site. The website is offering free shipping for purchases over 49 dollars. Shipping costs are listed for different items.

However, we’ve found one error that is not on the official website. the free shipping amount is 39 dollars. In their shipping policies, it’s in excess of the purchase price of 49 dollars. If you are interested in knowing whether Nithengo Legit and not a fraudulent website, go to the legitimate section specifics.

What is the exact information about

  • URL:
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Contact email address:
  • Links to social media: Facebook and Instagram
  • Payment options: Visa, Credit card Debit card, Visa
  • Alexa ranking: 2963458
  • Shipping policy: 5 to 10 days
  • Return policy The policy for return is 14 days
  • Policy on cancellation: up to 24 hours after place
  • Reviews are not available
  • Contact number: Open
  • The owner’s identity information are found
  • The date of creation of the website Date of creation: 07/11/2022
  • The expiration date for the website is 07/11/2023.
  • Name of the country: United States.
  • Website reach The reach of the website is: 3234021

Advantages of followed by Is Nithengo legitimate as well as a fraudulent website:

Here are a few benefits one can reap when browsing this site:

  • The website is protected by 
  • You can avail free shipping from this site for more than 49 dollars.
  • The range on this site is nice and comfortable.

Negatives of this website:

  • The website isn’t adequately secured.
  • The contact number is not available.
  • It’s not a very popular location, and there is no information on the reliability of the product.

The official section of this website will provide you with information about the existence of different policies as well as Nithengo reviews .

Is this website legitimate?

We have provided important qualitative information that are related to the site. Check out the following details to get more information regarding the information related to the website:

  • is a brand-new website created by its owner, in the year 2022. It will last of less than six months until the present date.
  • The score of this site in terms of trustworthiness by the trustworthy website is not satisfactory. We’ve discovered a score of just 2 percent.
  • Privacy policies and other policies have been posted on the site.
  • The collection is quite appealing for the eye.
  • Nithengo Review aren’t available as the site was recently registered by the product.
  • In the age of technology, people use social media platforms for communicating and for exploring various things through the internet. This website is connected to various social media sites.
  • The design of the site is simple. The inclusion to frequently-asked questions might be more beneficial to look around.
  • We’ve not seen any information about order tracking on the website.
  • It is possible to check the Alexa ranking of the site is accessible.
  • We have located the contact information, however, the contact number isn’t there.
  • Chat with Us feature is missing.
  • Payment options are accessible.

reviews of the Nithengo from the customers:

The site hasn’t gathered any feedback from customers. It’s a relatively new site, but it is not well-known. We’ve not seen any credible reviews on any other website since it’s still too early to choose any website during its initial working days. In addition, if you’ve encountered any issue with your payment be sure to read how to get Cash From Paypal if you’ve been scammed .


The website sells clothes for fashion as well as being a bit suspect. Although we do not claim that it is a scam website, it’s untrustworthy to trust. Nithengo reviews are not accessible. Users of the website can look into payment options. Learn how to get the full amount of a refund from the Credit Card Scam. The website does not have any verified rating across any platforms.

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