Nikita Dragun Jail: What is Nikita Dragun Charged With?

This article about the Nikita dragun Jail incident reveals some facts associated with a YouTuber/Social media influencer who disturbed peace.

Why is everyone celebrating Nikita’s arrest? People from all over the United States and Canada celebrated the arrest of Nikita, a YouTuber who was controversial.

After a bizarre-sounding crime spree, Nikita Dragun was arrested and the public celebrated her arrest. This post will detail the allegations against Nikita Dragun and the circumstances that led to Nikita Dragun jail.

What is Nikita Dragun charged with?

YouTuber Nikita Dragun was charged with throwing a bottle of water at an officer, causing the water to spill onto him and cause a conflict. Nikita Dragun was reportedly detained for “disturbing peace” at a Miami Beach hotel.

An official from Dragun did not respond to the media’s comment request. Her Net Worth amounts to approximately three million dollars. According to reports, the influencer, 26 years old, was taken into custody by staff at The Goodtime Hotel. She stayed there on Monday, November 7, 2022.

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What happened to the Mugshot incident?

Sources have obtained an indictment affidavit that states that Miami Beach police responded to a complaint about a loud visitor.

According to the statement of the security guard to police officers, Nikita Nguyen (real name Nikita Nguyen) was creating a disturbance for a longer time and was walking near the poolside unrespected.

Who is nikita Dragun?

Although Nikita has been in reality shows, she gained notoriety first as a fashion blogger with a large following for her open comments about being transgender. Not for her past in cosmetics, but for her contentious June 2020 party, which occurred during the peak COVID-19 cases in California, she gained notoriety.

Dragun made her YouTube debut in 2014. She has more than 300 million YouTube views, more than 3 million followers and 9m Instagram followers . This makes Dragun one of the most popular faces in the cosmetics industry.

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We don’t support inappropriate behavior or misconduct. We are only here to provide information about the incident.


Nikita Dragun (26-year-old social media influencer including Twitter) was recently charged with misconduct with a police officer. View the video link that was widely circulated about the influencer.

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