NFT Sunflower {Jan} Check The Art Created By A Digital Artist!

This article describes an Estonian finger-painting artist who created and published a non-fungible art on the OpenSea platform. Read NFT Sunflower.

Do you want to be part of a group that discusses rare digital art among non-fungible token members? You are most likely interested in this topic. Please continue reading.

The digital arts have been receiving a lot of attention Worldwide lately, as celebrities and investors are heavily investing in this crypto-based art collection by different artists. This will increase its value in the future. Many cryptocurrencies are used to trade rare digital art on marketplaces. Learn more about NFT Sunflower.

Sunflower Art

Sunflower Art, an NFT art created by Keili Minor, is available at the OpenSea Marketplace. Keili Major, an Estonian digital artist, focuses on various types of art that can represent different emotions. Sunflower Art is six sunflowers placed in a glass vase and kept on a plate. The painting is given a unique artistic look with the use of bright colors.

Keili Major was inspired by all the activities surrounding digital arts, such as CryptoPunks. Her paintings are also unique in that she uses her fingers to paint.

NFT Sunflower

  • Keili Major created the art using her fingers. She then converted it into digital form, making it an NFT. This makes it a rare type of art that no one else can duplicate.
  • OpenSea Marketplace has the NFT art. Keili Major has set the current price for her sunflower NFT at 2 Ethereum.
  • The actual painting measures 700 mm in height and 500 mm in width.
  • The original art must be sent to the buyer of the NFT with no shipping charges.

Where to Buy Sunflower NFT Art?

  • Keili Major is the artist behind NFT Sunflower. She has posted the art to the OpenSea Marketplace. Follow the below steps to purchase her art.
  • OpenSea allows you to create an account. Registering for an account is free. Simply provide your basic information.
  • Connect your wallet to the OpenSea platform. Users without a wallet can create a wallet for free using MetaMask and Trustwallet.
  • After these steps have been completed, buyers are left with two options: “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer.”
  • Buyers who choose to “Buy Now” must pay the current price of 2 Ethereum. Find out more about NFT Sunflower.
  • To complete the process and receive the NFT, buyers will need to pay gas fees.
  • Multiple buyers may bid higher than the current price for the NFT if there are several buyers. The buyer may sell the NFT to someone else if they are interested.


NFT has transformed the perspective of artists. The new technology allowed them to showcase their work and make it more valuable. For more information about the topic please visit.

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