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Are you looking to discover the tale of NFT Gunfire Hero? The NFT Gunfire Hero game? Let us provide you some details.

Do you want to observe the action of shooting games? If so, take the time to read this write-up.

Studies have shown shooting games improves the brain and visual abilities. Additionally, the brain abilities developed through shooter games improve eye coordination and enhance abilities to manage risk. As per Brazil and players from the Philippines and Thailand players who have played these games, it has caused them to think outside the normal.

In this piece we’ll discuss some important details about this gunfire hero from NFT.

What Is A Step Hero?

It’s a gaming studio that was created around 2021, by a team of game designers to offer the best gaming platform for players. It is also an array that includes DeFi and NFT games that can help us remember the characters from our childhood.

Additionally, it includes a variety of elements, including an open-chained market, exciting game play and useful tokens. It also provides social network interactions to boost the reach of the community. We will examine the details of its expansion in the following section.

Presenting NFT Gunfire Hero

It’s a shooter game in which players take on the role of a warrior using the most powerful shotgun.

Furthermore the shooting process will be automated, however players will have to manage the movement of the character and its direction. The targets will be monsters that will hide from you.

Game’s Storyline

The game will guide you through your area where you will have to defend humanity from the foes. Therefore, it is natural that you must leave every effort to secure your home. But, in the end it will be a battle at every stage of playing the game. Gunfire Hero game, where you need to upgrade your boosters to become stronger.

But, the adversaries will get stronger as they gain more levels. Therefore, if you’re looking to be victorious in every fight make sure you take all of the weapons.

Earning Method From The Game

The mechanism to earn income for this game is fairly simple and can be found in the following:

  • The first step is to register to play the game.
  • Participate in the competition and take on the evils/bosses.
  • Once you’ve completed the level you’ll be able to move on via maps.
  • Receive STEP tokens.
  • Over PancakeSwap Convert the tokens into USDT.

Game Levels

Within the NFT Gunfire Hero, you will see different modes below.

  • Stage Mode In this mode you’ll have to show eight maps at a time. If you fail on a particular level, you must start from scratch.
  • Endless Mode After eight levels The endless mode begins and you’ll see 20 rooms in one session. The rooms will be gathered randomly by using the maps.
  • Weekly event: The event is held on Sundays and Saturdays with levels such as Easy Normal, Hard and Nightmare.


It is the NFT Gunfire Hero is a version of Step Hero, where you must protect your territory from threats. Additionally, in Gunfire Hero bosses’ abilities are enhanced at the higher level, therefore it is important to gather boosters as much as you can.

So, please play the game without reviewing all of the important points at your own end. Additionally, we are providing the information gathered on the Internet.

Are you enjoying the game? Do you have any feedback? Please tell us via the comment box below.

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