NFT Floydies (Dec) Check The Project Conclusion!

To help investors make the best decision, the guide provides information about the NFT Flories.

The United Kingdom and Canada markets, the George Floyd-based NFT token sparks heated debate among investors. NFT aims to sell various images of Floyd, the black man who was murdered by Police in 2020.

On the OpenSea platform, Floyd-inspired NFT tokens launched on 7th December 2021. The NFT project quickly became an opportunity for opportunistic trolling shortly after it was launched. Investors were enraged by the sale of the token.

The NFT Floydies nickname is for the token that aims at making a profit by any means.

What’s Floydies NFT?

Floydies NFT, an offensive non-fungible project that co-operates images of George Floyd (the victim who was assassinated by Police in 2020) is the new Floydies NFT. It is also the trigger for the Black Live Matter movement.

The NFT project is not linked to George’s family nor any activist communities. The trolling project that launched the NFT token on 7 Dec on the OpenSea platform is part of this token. It is designed to profit by any means.

On the OpenSea site, the token’s creator stated that it was a progressive and unique way of celebrating Floyd’s monumental life.

Where are NFT Floydies available to buy?

The NFT project was launched via the OpenSea Platform. The NFT token can be purchased in an auction that will close soon.

OpenSea is the best platform to purchase these tokens.

You can choose from different NFT tokens for Floyd with different images. The images can be viewed and you can place your bid to purchase the NFT Floydies at the auction. It is only available for a short time so make sure to verify the availability before you buy.

Why is George Floyd’s Image used in the NFT Token

George Floyd was the man behind Black Lives Matter. A token project called NFT was created to support the movement. It is currently being sold with different George Floyd illustrations.

OpenSea Page’s creators of NFT token said that they launched the token to commemorate Floyd’s remarkable life in a unique way. They stated that NFT Floydies was the best way to express your beliefs, and stand for equality.

After extensive research, we discovered that the NFT token project had nothing to do Floyd’s family or any activist community.

How are people reacting to

Many people are following the token’s Twitter page and leaving multiple comments. People are also discussing it on the discussion forum. Some said that it was bad art trying to profit from a horrible event.

You can also check out its Facebook Page for many more comments.


You might be wondering if you should invest now that you’re aware of the NFT Floydies project. As a veteran investor, it is important to always research the future of cryptocurrency before you invest.

Do you plan to purchase the token at the auction? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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