NFT C-01 {January 2022} Get Allocation, Working, Price Statistics

Check out the latest news regarding a 3D artwork NFT being launched in the next eight days. You can read NFT here.

C-01, a upcoming NFT, will be launched Worldwide. Did you know when C-01 would be launched? What will C-01 look like? Do you want to learn everything about C-01 before you make a decision on whether or not you should invest in C-01? Would you like to see a C-01 review

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What’s C-01?

C-01 is a non-fungible token. NFTs allow you to own all digital and virtual artworks like images, videos, photos, posts, tweets, etc.

C-01 artwork features unique 3D characters combined with fashionable outfits. The C-01 team is currently working to build community. Within a week, 250K people joined the C-01 community to discord.

C-01 website:

The website currently does not contain any information on the NFT. Instead, the website displays three social media links as well as a subscription box. Surprisingly C-01 had only six images of NFT characters and very few tweets.

Allocation C-01:

Each wallet can receive two C-01 allotments. will have C-01. The C-01 NFT project is expected to be the largest NFT project in 2022, with a half-billion store value.

C-01: How does it work?

C-01 NFT, a collection 3D images, is worth investing. Once the price rises, decide whether to sell it. We are still waiting for more details.

founder of C-01:

Gilberto Zaragoza, co-founder of NFT. Zaragoza has extensive experience in animation. Zaragoza has worked for Warner Bros., Disney’s Marvel and Netflix.

Zaragoza had been a partner of Luis Monteiro. Monteiro, a French fashion designer, is the partner. He has worked for Chanel, Saint Laurent and Chloe.

C-01 Artwork:

Monteiro designed the eye-catching outfits for C-01 3D characters while Zaragoza had created them.

C-01 Prices Statistics:

C-01 will be minted at 0.25 ETH starting 13 January. An official announcement is still pending.

Predictions of C-01 NFT prices:

After the C-01 launch, price predictions will be available within a few days.

How do I buy C-01?

C-01 has not yet been launched. It will however be available on OpenSea. Unfortunately, no information was provided about the availability of it on other exchanges.


C-01 NFT is a popular choice among NFT investors. Based on the growing number of people joining C-01 discord, it is evident that C-01 may be purchased by more than 250K investors on 13 January. C-01 will go on sale at 3 PM UTC on 14 January. We recommend that you wait a few weeks until is available for public sale.

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