Newsguard Com (January 2022) Is The Online Store Legit Or A Scam?

Are you familiar with Newsguard user reviews? This writing will help you to learn if you don’t already know.

Are you interested in analyzing the news you see online? If so, you can relax as we have created a journalist tool.

People want to keep up with what’s happening in the United States. There are many news sources that can provide information. Are you aware of the number of news sources that have relevant information? We will now tell you all about Newsguard, which claims to provide news information. Please note that the actual website is –


This tool is used by businesses to identify misleading information online. It will also let you know the results by using useful technologies to determine the trust ratings for a news site. Nine criteria will determine the ratings. The site will then be scaled with a trust score between 0 and 100.

It will also work if you install it as an extension to your browser. Then it will scan for details from more than 7,000 news sources and provide them to you.

Collaborators Of Newsguard com

The examination is conducted by professional journalists. The entire team is managed by Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, the platform’s co-CEOs. They also have many teammates, such as:

  • Silvia Bencivelli- Head Advisor
  • Alex Cadier- Managing Director, UK
  • Giampiero Gramaglia- Senior Advisor
  • Mikey Wang- CTO
  • James Warren- Executive Editor

Interesting Features

  • Hires Experts: Newsguard has hired professionals to provide reliable information to its clients. We have also observed that most Newsguard volunteers are from diverse backgrounds and can provide facts without political influence.
  • Fully Transparent The Newsguard provides write-ups that explain the criteria they use to make decisions. They also disclose the criteria they use to rate news websites.
  • Take the appropriate decisions: They follow the owner’s instructions to render a verdict. However, it is more efficient for them to communicate with the editor when they make a complaint. They can also make changes under the authority of the portal’s owner.
  • Website Ratings Available at No Cost: More than 6,000 websites are being rated exclusively by Newsguard without any additional cost. They do however generate capital by licensing the ratings.

What are Public Observations?

This site received many negative Facebook reviews, with people commenting that it spreads false information. Trustpilot was also given a 2.0 rating, stating that it produces biased reactions. A user however wrote that Trustpilot is an extension for apps.

Additional Hints

  • Portal Creation Age-It has been enrolled since 19/03/2018.
  • Trust score –86% refers to its trust score.
  • Website’s End Date –19.03.2022 is its cessation day.
  • Trust rank –Its rank is 58.9/100.


The Newsguard claims it provides authentic news from the Internet. However, Facebook users have complained that it presents a false narrative.

Trustpilot has also raised red flags for the site. The information provided on this website is for your knowledge and is based on reviews and the website itself. We don’t claim to be experts on the subject and ask you to read all reviews and comments posted on the internet by users to find out more about it.

What will you do? Please leave your comments below.

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