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This article is about Nepal Plane Crash Wiki. It also provided details about the passengers and final moments visuals.

Is there a plane accident in Nepal? What was the death toll from the Nepal plane crash? What was the number of passengers who were in the plane? The worst plane crash occurred in Nepal. People from India, the United States, and Britain are grieving for the victims of crashed planes.

Four of five Indian passengers were killed in the plane crash in Nepal. The Indian passenger witnessed the terrifying images of the crash just before their deaths. For more information on the Nepal Plane Crash Wiki article, click here

Nepal plane crash

At 10:33 AM, the Yeti Airlines ATR-72 aircraft flew from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The plane crashed onto the Seti River bank just minutes after landing on January 15, 2023. Social media has made the terrible crash news viral.

A passenger from India shared the last moments of the plane’s landing visuals via a Facebook stream. The plane crashed just minutes after landing. Around 67 people died in that crash.

Who made the Air Crash Video?

SonuJaiswal, an Indian passenger, captured the Yeti Airlines experience. The moment was shared with his three Facebook friends. He took photos of the plane’s interior and exterior scenes and shared them with his friends. The thrilling scene quickly turned into horror. The plane of Yeti Airlines crashed.

Nepal plane crash Investigation

Pushpa Kamal Dhal, Nepal’s prime Minister, has established a team to investigate the accident. The accident was described as the worst in Nepali aviation history. The twin-engine ATR was carrying 72 passengers. It was operated by Yeti airline. Live video of the airline crash was captured near Pokhara’s newly opened airport.

Rescue operation

The rescue teams have so far recovered 67 bodies, but they did not expect to find any survivors. Five Indians, four Russians and two South Koreans were among the passengers onboard. Passenger also came from Australia, France, Argentina, and other countries.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Aityanath (the chief minister of UP) expressed their grief over the loss.

Nepal Plane Crash Reddit

An Indian passenger captured the final moments of the Nepal flight accident on January 2023. The live streamed images were shared and went viral on social media. People show their grief to the passengers and their families.

Aircraft and Passenger details

The twin-engine turboprop ATR 72-500 twin engine turboprop aircraft that crashed in Nepal was 15 years old. It was first delivered to Kingfisher Airlines in 2007 as VT-KAJ. It was finally delivered to Yeti Airlines in 2019.

The Yeti airlines carried 68 passengers and four Nepali staff on the day of the accident.


The Indian passenger captured the terrifying images of the Nepal plane crash’s final moments. All countries have expressed their sorrow for the loss. The authorities and government took immediate action to determine the cause of the crash. You can see the video of the crash of a Nepali plane at this link.

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