Name And Shame Discord Scam {July} Check The All Hidden Facts Here

Discover exclusive details that are not available anywhere else about this scam. “Name and Shame” Discord Scam that aimed at disrupting login processes.

Are you worried regarding the safety of your accounts on social networks in the United StatesCanada and your home country of the United Kingdom? Are you aware that cybercriminals created a new scam from in July’s beginning? Do you know how this scam operates? What’s the purpose behind the scam? What can you tell whether the message you get is not a fraud?

We have a lot of details below about this scam. “Name and Shame” Discord Fraud.

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Name and Shame the latest message that is being circulated on Discord using the hashtag #shame. The message consists of a URL link In the beginning, the message encourages users to click the link.

Then, a scanner code is displayed that allows you to sign into server. After you have entered the code, hackers is granted access to your Discord account. Thus name and shame discord is a scam. is also accessible via However, the link and scanner code can confuse desktop users and alter the process of login using a PC.

Name and Shame on Discord Reddit :

After the code has been scanned by the hacker, he gains an access point to the account and then sends the #shame messages to all your acquaintances. This is how the #shame article is spreading and is being debated via Reddit blogs. Your friend will then discover that you’ve contacted him. The scammer in order to create a sense of urgency, has created messages that give the image of blackmail.

The message from the hacker says you sent gifts to a girl who was wearing the name and the avatar(the profile image on Discord) and that the gift was not ethical. Let’s see the name as well as Shame Discord? The hacker includes profanity the message. He also uses hashtags in his message that reads #shameon you for giving an unintentional present to an innocent girl.

The hacker has included an email that says that the person you are messaging is not going to communicate with you until you have explained the incident and urges you to join in the discussion thread on the scam link mentioned above. The uninitiated user is confused (as they aren’t aware that the message came coming from a hacker but not the person they are talking to) and clicks the link to join a chat with their friend in order to resolve any confusion. This is the plan in the the Name and Shame scam on Discord..

The link also generates scan codes and the user scans the code to allow the hacker an access point to the user’s account and then the hacker will send the same message to a friend of another account’s list by inducing the impression of urgency and then posting the message, giving the impression of blackmail.


The Name and Shame Scam was discovered by a number of users received these spam messages from friends’ lists who did not stay in touch for a long period of time. In addition, they didn’t send presents to anybody. People who understood this scam immediately changed their passwords and enabled two-factor authentication(2FA).

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