Mutant Club Shiba {January 2022} Check Its Market Rise Details!

This article outlines the NFT club that is based upon the mem token Shiba Inu as well as its web-based promotions that relate in NFT minting. Learn more about Mutant Club Shiba.

Are you interested in learning more the details of the NFT club that seeks to develop diverse NFT artwork collections? If so, you should continue reading this article to the end to get the most pertinent information about the subject.

Meme token enthusiasts across all over the United StatesCanada and United Kingdom are thrilled to be part of tokens and NFTs that are associated with their most loved meme tokens. Meme token-related NFTs received a lot of attention from the crypto community. Continue reading to learn what you can regarding Mutant Club Shiba.

About Mutant Shiba Club

Mutant Shiba Club is an NFT collection that was inspired by the popular meme token Shiba Inu. The NFT club has posted a variety of social media posts to provide information about their NFT art, which can be created.

Information about NFT’s art collections was posted on Twitter and Instagram. NFT artwork collections were shared via their Twitter as well as Instagram platforms. On Twitter, the account announced the launch of the Mutant Shiba Club’s official discord in the early 2022 timeframe. Marketing staff of the NFT art club embraced extreme marketing strategies to help promote the NFT in the crypto world.

Mutant Club Shiba

  • It is believed that the NFT artwork collection as well as theme are based on Shiba Inu as we see the images of promotion.
  • The tweet contained an animated image of a claw that was green with black background. The tweet stated that the project was in its infancy.
  • The tweet that was first posted by Mutant Shiba received 11,581 likes The tweet was retweeted 3,437 times.
  • The club also shared an image of a cartoon Shiba Inu sporting many scratches and green flowing fluids all over the body.

Mutant Shiba Club Twitter Account

  • The account on Twitter associated with Mutant Club Shiba saw a huge increase in followers within only a few days. it caused doubt among followers of social media as there was only one tweet from their account.
  • The Reddit users debated the increasing popularity of the page, but without many social media interactions or other activities.
  • Some users suggested the possibility of bots that are paid that are the reason for the sudden increase in followers.
  • The club had over forty thousand Twitter followers. The first tweet that was sent out by their Twitter account was on January 1, 2022. Following that, there were no tweets.
  • This Mutant Club Shiba Twitter account was launched in December 2021.
  • At present, the Twitter account is currently suspended after Twitter’s officials discovered that it had violated the policies and rules of Twitter.
  • A lot of reporting and/or blockage by Twitter users could lead to the suspension of a Twitter account. The only social media account in use by this club’s Instagram account.


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