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Mr. Morale, as well as The Big Steppers Wiki has examined the most recent hip hop album from Kendrick Lamar and has shared the album’s information for music lovers.

If you’re among those who are fans of Pulitzer winner Kendrick Lamar, there’s something you can enjoy after an interval that was five years. This is the latest album he released which is gaining popularity in countries such as South Africa and the United States as the waiting period for his fans has ended.

The album also tells his story as a rapper, one who faced some tough times in this five-year span. In Mr Morale’s Big Steppers Wiki write-up we’ve reviewed this album and outlined its features.

Mr Morale and Big Stepper Album:

The album comes after a the gap between five and five years Kendrick Lamar fans. It is expected to be his last album released by Dawg Entertainment. The last album that was released by the artist is The Black Panther soundtrack in 2018.

A few facts about Lamar’s newest album are listed below.

  • The album is split into two parts: Big Stepper as well as Mr Morale.
  • Each component has nine tracks.
  • The album came out on May 13th in various countries, including Canada as well as in the United Kingdom.
  • Whitney Alford narrates the first portion of her album.

Mr Morale and the Big Steppers Review:

The album is a story about the rapper’s final five years of fame and tells the story of the fame and hardships confronted by him. The music in the album constantly changes the mood and tone of the album in accordance with the circumstances of the current world.

The second track on The Big Stepper N95 is a humorous and tells the ideology behind always seeking out injustices done to an entire group of people. The lyrics and music are packed with substance and reflect the various aspects of our society.

Metacritic has awarded it a 100/100 rating and AnyDecentMusic has awarded it 9.6/10 ratings points. A few tracks from Mr Morale reviews and Big Steppers Reviewratings are listed below. Big Steppers Review rating are shown below.

  • The Guardian Five stars
  • The Daily Telegraph – Four ratings
  • The Times The Times Five stars
  • NME Five stars
  • The Independent Five-rating

Many tabloids have given it five stars and favorable reviews to the album.

Tracks in Volume 1 Big Steppers:

The track count is nine in the volume one of which is called Big Steppers; we have provided the track’s name as well as the timing of each track below. .

  • United in Grief – 4:15
  • N95 – 3:5
  • Worldwide Steppers – 3:23
  • Die Hard – 3:59
  • Father time 3:42
  • Rich – 1:43
  • Rich Spirit – 3:22
  • We Cry Together – 5:41
  • Purple Hearts – 5:29

Mr Morale and the Big Steppers Wiki Tracks:

The album contains 18 tracks, which are divided into two volumes, with the total length of seventy-five minutes. The tracks on Mr Morale will be listed in the following table.

  • Count Me Out – 4:43
  • Crown – 4:24
  • Silent Hill – 3:40
  • Savior – 2:32
  • Aunties Diaries – 4:41
  • Mr Morale – 3:30
  • Mother I Sober – 6:46
  • Mirror – 4:16

Aunties Diaries has songs related to Tran’s community. It’s the first of its kind for hip-hop.


The most recent album from Kendrick Lamar is a collection of songs that cover issues like false news, fake identities, social media and pressure to be in the top position.

Mr Morale along with The Big Steppers Wiki has attempted to cover all elements of this album that appeal to fans of music and Lamar fans. Fans of the rappers can share their thoughts about this new album in the comments section.

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