Moe Dunford Texas Massacre {February} Check His Role & Summary!

Learn about a new NetFlix film starring Moe Dunford. Find out all the details about Moe Dunford Texas Massacre in this article.

Are you a big fan of horror movies? Did you realize that NetFlix is looking forward to a remake of an old film “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” from Kim Henkel tobe Hooper? Are you a big fan of Moe Dunford? Did you have the knowledge the fact that Moe Dunford is featured as one of the main characters within this NetFlix film?

Do you want to learn details about Moe Dunford Texas Massacre film? When will the film be released in the United States? NetFlix within the United KingdomGermany and in the United States?


Moe Dunford is a famous Irish actor, who is playing the role of Richard in”Richter,” a NetFlix film. Moe Dunford was born on 11th December 1987 in Dungarvan, County Waterford in Ireland.

Moe Dunford completed his graduation in June 2009 at the Gaiety School of Acting. Moe Dunford became popular with his acting, and his role as a character in Vikings, The Dig, Knuckledust along with Patrick’s Day.

Moe Dunford is said to have an Irish influence on Moe Dunford is said to have a strong Irish influence in the NetFlix film. The film was shortlisted for twelve awards, and received six awards in the categories of Vikings, The Dig, and Patrick’s Day.

Moe Dunford Texas Massacre Crew:

  • Companies producing: Legendary Entertainment, Exurbia Films as well as Bad Hombre.
  • Distributor: Netflix.
  • Date of release: 18th February 2022.
  • The cast includesMoe Dunford Sarah, Mark, Elsie, Jacob, Olwen, Jessica, Alice, Nell, Chelsea , Jina, Marisol, andJessie.
  • Director: David Blue Garcia.
  • Director of Photography: Ricardo.
  • Producers: Herbert, Fede, Ian, Kim, and Pat.
  • The executive producer is Shintaro as well as Jay.
  • Duration: 81 min.
  • Language: English.
  • Screenwriter: Chris.
  • Production designer: Michael.
  • Editor: Christopher.
  • Composer: Colin.
  • Costume: Olga.
  • Narrated byJohn.
  • Cinematography: Ricardo.
  • Music: Colin.

The plot:

Five friends go to Harlow, a remote town. Harlow during the Taxes to start a businesses in the town where Moe Dunford Texas Massacrewill occur.

Melody, Dante, and others entered an apartment and were surprised to find that the house was still in use. Mrs. Mc claimed that she was the only owner of the home.

An argument broke out between Melody as well as Mrs. Mc, who had an heart attack and then collapsed. The woman was taken to hospital, accompanied by Ruth and an elderly man.

Mrs. Mc passes away in the ambulance. This mysterious, old gentleman goes too out of hand and causes the death of the ambulance driver.

Richter is a mechanic from the area who and car mechanic, hides his keys in the car. Moe Dunford Texas Massacrefeatures Moe as Richter who promises keys to be returned if family members produce documents proving who is the legitimate owner of the house.

The man cuts off her face. Mc to make a leather-face mask and then returns to Harlow to exact revenge. A series of murders by a leather-faced character are displayed.


The sole survivor from the massacre that killed the leather-face victim was there to assist the victims. But, it is revealed that leather-face has returned after all the efforts. The final scene shows Leather-face dancing in the street with Melody’s hair before going back to the home.

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