Missing Boy Freeport Maine What is the Fate of Theo Ferrara?

This article provides all the information regarding missing Boy Freeport Maine Theo Ferrara, as well as information on finding specifics. Keep reading for more information.

The word “missing” is always difficult regardless of what it’s employed with. A person who is missing someone causes a full day of reflection on what could have happened to the person, such as what recently was with a 14 year old boy who was named Theo.

Are you aware of the missing incident? Did you hear about this story? Did the police catch his body or was it not? Have you been informed of the events that occurred to him? Do you know that this story is being circulated widely across the United States? If yes, then check out this post about the missing Boy Freeport Maine up to the very end.

What is the fate of Theo Ferrara?

Theo Ferrara was a 14-year-old boy who had been missing since Tuesday, September 22, when he was reported missing to authorities on Friday. Last time Theo was seen at his home at about 4 pm. After this, Theo was no coming back. Theo was about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and the weight of a medium-sized man at around 120 pounds. The last time we saw him, Theo was dressed in an all white t-shirt and a blue backpack and neon colored shorts.

According to sources police initially believed that the missing boy in Freeport Maine could have fled and the incident is likely to be very rogue since many teens today run away, however after examining the incident, they found no record of Theo leaving. Police officials have given an address 207-865-4800 to ensure that anyone who comes across the suspect or obtains any information regarding him, they can call Theo.

Theo was last seen traveling toward Brunswick. The missing photo of Theo was posted by the police of Freeport via the social networks. Police dogs were employed to identify Theo’s scent. Theo Police have invested in him by contacting neighbours and family members.

School official’s action Missing Boy Freeport Maine

School officials have shared their thoughts about Theo and have stayed with his family during the entire time. School officials also delayed the dance and the competitions that were scheduled to take place in the school because of Theo. Roman is a close friend of Theo as well as other students from the school visited the police station in search of assistance. The school and its members are fully supporting the police in this incident and hope to meet Theo in the near future.


Theo 14-year-old was missing from Freeport, Maine. Police and school officials cooperated in finding the missing boy. Check out this story until the very end about the missing Boy Freeport Maine. To find more details on the music of Theo Ferrara, click the hyperlink .

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