Misirakyat Com Banjir (Dec) Check Conclusion!

The guide offers information on the Misirakyat Com Banjir website, its activities and its credibility.

Malaysian citizens are in an extremely difficult situation because of the most devastating flooding. A series of three days of intense rain on the weekend led to serious flooding issues across eight states in Malaysia.

The government is under immense pressure to address this crisis. The death toll is now up to 14, along with thousands of injured victims. While the government is doing its part to resolve the situation, local residents are also in charge of the situation.

Misirakyat Banjir is collecting money to help flood victims and everything appears clear on the site.

What is Misirakyat.com Banjir?

It’s an online site that allows people to donate money and support an excellent cause. It was designed to raise funds for flood victims. It raises money and funds from individuals to help victims of the flooding overcome their challenges.

Each penny contributed by users can be scrutinized on the website since the information is completely transparent and real-time information is disclosed. The website collects only funds and donations from individuals and then the funds are given to trusted non-governmental organizations or Relief Mission Troops to deliver food and other assistance to flood victims.

How Misirakyat com Banjir Helps Victims?

Misirakyat.com was the website created and developed to improve the economics of each. The platform is also focused on building the community spirit to ensure the total improvement of the entire community.

Recently, the platform initiated an initiative to raise funds and donations to flood victims in Malaysia. The website invites users to donate money and donations for flood-related victims. The website promises to keep all information open, so that people are able to see how the money was distributed and spent.

The Misirakyat Com Banjirwebsite collects money and donations and then shares them with NGOs or Relief Troops to provide food and shelter to flood victims. In addition, the site provides the information about the money collected, as well as the ways in which they are employed.

Is Misirakyat.com Legit or a Scam?

After looking over the platform, we have discovered several important information regarding the platform. This is a checklist of the factors worth noting.

  • The site was launched on July 26, 2021 and is just one hundred and 149 days old.
  • The domain name of the website expires on the 26th of July in 2022.
  • The trust score of the site is 22%, and this is an indication that warns users to conduct a thorough investigation prior to donating money to the site.
  • This website has been actively active across the social networks and has received numerous comments and reviews.
  • The website has received mixed reviews from the users. Some users believe they believe the Misirakyat Com Banjir website is a lie however, others endorse the site along with the People’s Mission.

Based on these information and research, the public is encouraged to study and learn more before making a donation of their hard-earned money on the site.


The website is present on various social networks, and has numerous feedbacks and reviews that are mixed. Because the site collects donations and money for flood victims, customers are keen to know if the site is legitimate or not before donating or helping flood victims. We found numerous details that, based on our findings, further investigation is required before making a donation on the site.

Have you made a donation for the Misirakyat Com Banjir? Do share your experiences in the comment section.

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