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Comic books are a great source of entertainment. It’s a different way to watch TV shows. People all over the world love watching comics. What percentage of you are an avid reader of the Mercenary Enrollment? A lot of people from various nations like those from the Philippines and Indonesia love the comic.

The article we’ll review all the details of the publication of Mercenary enrollment 70th Chapter. Click here to find out more.

Introduction to Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment is an Korean comic book that was published on November 6, 2020. YC created it. The novel was first published on the Naver Series, and the next day , it was published on WEBTOON. It’s also known under its alternative name Teenage Mercenary, Inscription Mercenaria, Ibhagyongbyeong.

It is an Korean novel that was published and created through STUDIO JHS. There are numerous countries in which this comic is very popular. It’s accessible in English language. Mercenary Enrollment is based upon. Adventure, drama, action and sci-fi, life in school and manhwa. A number of chapters from the novel have been made available. The details of the chapter Mercenary Enrollment 70are listed below.


A plane crash occurred in which a boy aged 8 years old, Yu Ijin was the only one to make it through. His parents were killed during the crash of the plane and was then landed in a different country. To make it through the harsh conditions the man was forced to become an infant mercenary. He finally reunited with his family after 10 years of fighting.

He went to at first, and observed that the children were threatening each other, even her sister. He decided to employ his mercenary skills to defend his family. He lived a tranquil life after having his family members visit him in Korea and he was able to find plenty of food and water.

Mercenary Enrollment 70 Chapter

Mercenary Enrollment is built around action and school life, as well as adventure. The main character of the story will be Yu Ijin, a tall boy with gray hair. He is very protective and protective of his loved ones. He has learned the concepts of love and affection after reuniting with his family. He was prone to nightmares concerning the crash of his plane.

Many chapters of Mercenary Enrollment have been made available. There are at present 69 chapters that have been published. The 70th chapter is scheduled to be released in the near future. The viewers may be wondering what the release date is for the chapter that is coming up. According to various sources, the publication date for the chapter Mercenary Enrollment 70 is the 31st of January in 2022.


The next chapter is sure to be fantastic. Anyone who has read the previous chapters are likely to be excited to read the next chapter. There is no update other than the date of release for the chapter. Keep an eye on the website, and we’ll upload every update related to the chapter. Visit the hyperlink to learn more regarding Mercenary Registration.

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