Melissa Caddick Suicide or Murder: Know The Truth Here!

The internet is flooded with news of Melissa Caddick’s suicide, as the cause of death for the fraudster without feet has yet to be determined. Find out more about her death.

Melissa Caddick, an Australian woman, went missing in November of 2020. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission had been investigating her at the time for running a financial service business without an Australian Financial Services licence.

Caddick was also reported missing after ASIC agents, Australian Federal Police officers, and Dover Heights Police raided the house in Sydney, New South Wales.

ASIC agents raided the home of the woman on suspicion that she misappropriated 30 million Australian Dollars from investors including friends and family.

Caddick is still missing and no one has found her. Everyone believes that she’s dead but the cause of death hasn’t been determined. This has led to everyone thinking she committed suicide.

Melissa Caddick Murder or Suicide Mystery Debunked

It hasn’t been confirmed, but many believe Melissa Caddick committed suicide. Her disappearance is still a mystery to this day.

Caddick, who went missing in November 2020, is reported to be dead. In February 2021 her foot decomposed in a shoe washed up on a NSW South Coast Beach, about 350km away from her house in Sydney’s east suburbs.

Anthony Koletti, the husband of Melissa Caddick, was criticized by investigators for providing inconsistent evidence.

After her disappearance it was revealed that Caddick ran a Ponzi scheme on a grand scale by deceiving investors including her family and friends into sending millions of dollars to fund her lifestyle.

Since Melissa’s disappearance, her family, friends, and police have all shared their theories about what happened to her. Some believe she was murdered while others say she committed suicide.

Some claim that not only is the fraudster still alive but that she may have staged her own disappearance by cutting off her leg and fleeing the country.

Melissa Caddick Today Update: Footless Fraudster Died Shockingly

In the second half of 2022, an inquest was held to determine what happened to Melissa Caddick. Elizabeth Ryan, the Deputy State Coroner, recently judged Melissa’s death and cause of death.

The NSW Coroner has recently given an update on Caddick, revealing she is deceased. It’s not possible to determine how or where she died.

In addition, Anthony Koletti’s wife, Caddick, was criticised because he gave inconsistent evidence during investigations. He reported her missing 30 hours after he said he had last seen her.

The NSW Coroner has confirmed that Melissa Caddick died, but it is impossible to determine how or where she died.

Koletti denied even knowing about the Ponzi scheme last year when he provided proof at the inquest. Koletti claimed he had learned that his wife was a fraudster from court proceedings after she vanished and denied having helped her disappear.

Caddick’s spouse is also going viral for his recent actions outside the court where he pushed journalists aside as he attempted to leave.

Koletti, on the other hand denies any answers. Adam Grimley is Caddick’s brother. Caddick’s cause of death is not yet known.

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