Marshall And Millions Original Video: Know About The Video!

Marshall and Millions Original Video’s article has all the information about the Canines and the owner.

What happened to Marshall and Million? What happened to Marshall & Million? Do you have a dog and do you love them? What is the name of your pet? This article is on Marshall and Millions Original Video. The Philippines, Germany and the United States protested against the authorities in London who killed the dogs.

Details on the Million and Marshall Incident

The actions of the London Police after two street dogs attacked a female have shocked and disappointed people around the world. The incident took place in Poplar on 7th May, 2023. Two Canines are accused of attacking and injuring a woman. The police were notified and reacted in the worst possible way. Both dogs, Million and Marshall, were shot by the police.

More details about the Marshall and Millions Story

Marshall and Million are the children of Louie Turnbull, a 46-year-old homeless man. Marshall was a three-year-old XL Bulldog. Nine-month-old Million was an XL Alberta Bulldog puppy.

According to the authorities, Turnbull does not have legal eligibility to adopt or raise dogs. These bulldogs also need socialization training to ensure the safety of the public. Million and Marshall, however, did not receive any training. They lived on the street with Louie.

How were Million & Marshall killed?

YouTube has a Marshall and Millions Full Video about the killing of dogs everywhere. The video is heartbreaking to watch. When the Metropolitan Police Department officers came to arrest Louie Turnbull on 7th May, the dogs began to become violent in order to protect their owner.

The officers were forced to fire at the dogs when they became out of control. They had to do this to maintain control. Million and Marshall were killed by the gunshots. Louie was arrested by officers because he illegally raised two bulldogs and posed a danger to the public. Louie Turnbull was arrested after the police shot them down.

Response of the Public to Marshall and Millions Original video

The netizens who watched the video or heard about the deaths of Million and Marshall are demoralized. They paid tribute to the officers and also expressed their anger. Animal rescue groups protest the killing of dogs. When the woman who was attacked learned that dogs were being killed, she became upset. Her husband told her that ‘their life was as valuable as a human’

Many experts, on the other hand, have supported the police. The officers claimed to have acted as a final resort. No police officer would harm anyone without good reason. Marshall and Millions Original Video is trending and animal rescue groups from the Philippines are grieving.


The article talked about the death of two bulldogs, Marshall and Million. According to news reports, Louie Turnbull raised these dogs. When the police went to arrest their owner, the dogs attacked a female. The police killed the dogs after they got out of hand. The issue has enraged people from all over the world. Click here to see the details of the petition against the killings of Million and Marshall.

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