Marie Tharp Family: What was Marie Tharps Cause of Death

This article includes information about the Marie Tharp family, as well as her personal and professional lives.

Are you searching for information about Marie Tharp Google Doodle celebrates Marie Tharp’s life. Everybody from the United Kingdom through the IndiaUnited States, the Germany and HTML4_ Australia HTML4_ is looking for her.

We will be sharing everything we know about Marie Tharp’s personal and professional lives in this article. Let’s get to it.

Marie Tharp’s family and Family

Marie Tharp’s family had only her parents as she was the sole child. The father of her child was William Edgar Tharp. You will also find Bertha Louis Newton’s mother’s details in the Parent section. Her father was an agricultural worker in the United States.

Marie also had him as her teacher, teaching her how to map make. Mother was a Latin and German teacher. Unfortunately, her mother died at the age of 15 when she was still a teenager.

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What was Marie Tharps cause of death

Marie Tharp passed away on August 26, 2003 from cancer. Google Doodle paid tribute on her 21 November 2022 and was featured on Google’s main icon. This makes her viral and everyone begins to search for her information.

Marie Tharp Married with Children

Marie Tharp Biography says that she is married with kids. The information about her children is not listed. She was married to David Flanagan, but divorced in 1952.

After her divorce, she moved to New York. We will update the information once we know more about her children.

Is Marie Tharp on social media platforms?

It is difficult to determine if she is on social media. Her age states that she was too old for the post and that we could not find any accounts or links to her account. She was therefore not available on any social networking platforms.

Marie Tharp Funeral, and Obituary

There is no online obituary or information about her funeral. It’s difficult to determine when the funeral took place and who was there from the family or friends.

Marie Tharp’s Net worth?

When it came to her Net worth, she was an oceanographic mapographer and geologist with an estimated net worth of $1.5million. She was also unemployed for a significant amount of her life, which negatively impacted her net worth.

The exact net worth is not available, but we will include it in our article as soon as we have the information.

Fun facts about Marie Tharp

  • Lamont Geological Observatory was her first female employee. There is no information about her Girlfriend.
  • She helped to create the map of the World’s Ocean floors.
  • She was hailed as the 20th century’s greatest cartographer, and the most influential geologist.
  • She was a well-known figure and Google awarded her a Google Doodle on November 21st, 2022.
  • Bruce Heezen, a world-renowned geologist, was her collaborator to create the Atlantic Ocean Floor’s first scientific map. The height and other-related information are still being revealed.

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Final words

Marie Tharp was a well-known, deserving lady. Google paid tribute to her. Many people, who had never met Marie Tharp before, started searching for her information. They came to realize her contribution in ocean mapping and her geoscientific role.

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