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This guide contains all the details about Magiccrystals Review and their website. Be cautious before buying any online products.

What is a magical crystal? Can it heal our mind and body? Do you believe it? Many people in across the United States started to inquire about the existence of magic crystals and what they do. Magic Crystals boost the healing energies for your mind, body and spirit as well as home. If you’re interested in making use of magic crystals read through the Magiccrystals reviews. Find all of the Magic Crystals website legitimacy details in this post. Also, information about Magic Crystals websites specification and many more.

Information about the Magiccrystals website

Magic Crystal resolves to help people discover their talents. and to pursue their dreams by using crystals and spiritual tools to help them see. Jorge Martinez introduced magic Crystals with passion. In 2016, the store opened at the rear of his car with the desire of his heart. The store shared items that were magical that were created, encouraging us to make the world. Magic Crystals offer a wide-ranging collection of Healing Crystals. They include Tanzanite, Ethiopian Opal, Astrophyllite as well as other precious stones that come with a 30 day money-back assurance.

Is Magiccrystals legal? is it legal? Continue to read Magiccrystals specifications for their website.

Specifications for Websites

  • The type of website:Online healing crystals selling web site.
  • Type of product: Tanzanite, Ethiopian Opal, Astrophyllite, Ruby, Imperial Topaz, and other precious stones.
  • Product URL:
  • Website was created on 17th September 2002
  • Website Expiration date: 17th September 2023
  • The amount to be paid: Magic Crystal purchase cost USD.
  • Email ID support: Not available
  • Store AddressMagic Crystals, 24420 South Dixie Highway,
  • Main Building, Suite B-44 (Inside Redland Market Village) The Main Building Suite B-44 (inside Redland Market Village).
  • Homestead, FL 33032
  • Contact for support: (305) 791 1846
  • Shipping policy:Orders shipping from a retail store in Miami
  • Deliveries to the Product: Both Domestic & International delivery is available.
  • The shipping time is Quick shipping available

Additional Magiccrystals reviews,

  • Delivery Cost Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS IN excess of $44.44
  • Return Policy Accepts
  • Cancellation Policy: Not mentioned
  • Return PolicyInform and/or contact us within 15 calendar days. Otherwise, your order will be returned with 20% of the cost.
  • Exchange PolicyAccepts
  • Tracking information: Send confirmation mail or text message with your tracking numbers.
  • Method of Payment Pay with Express Checkout Paypal, Shop Pay as well as G Pay.

Facts about the web

  • The site sells hand-crafted products with a 30-day money-back assurance
  • The site contains more than 1200 customer reviews, including 5-star ratings.
  • It offers fast shipping around the world.
  • The website is equipped with an SSL HTTP secure connection
  • Shipping is free on purchases that exceed $44.44

Negative facts decide Is Magiccrystals Legit?

  • Magiccrystals website owner’s details were kept secret.
  • The cancellation information on their website was not discovered.
  • Shipping charges apply for the lesser amount.

Magiccrystals Website’s legitimacy information

  • The age of the domain This Magiccrystals website is extremely old and has been around for approximately 20 years old.
  • Secure Score It is reported that the website is trusted by 60% score.
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa Global ranks # 1558444
  • Social media hyperlinks:’s website has social media sharing.
  • Website link Security Website link Safety: This Magic crystals website has SSL/HTTP secured.
  • Contact Phone Numbers Contact Numbers contact.
  • Email ID: Not available.
  • Customers ReviewThe Website contains theverified Magiccrystals Review from clients.
  • The details of the owner of the website The owner’s details were concealed and was not accessible anywhere.
  • Plagiarism in content Plagiarism not detected.
  • Refund Policy Accepts.
  • Exchange Policy: Accepts exchanges.
  • Policy on privacy: Magic crystal’s website’s privacy policy is available.

These are Magiccrystals website’s legal details to help you better understand the site. We will look at Magiccrystal’s website review of customers here.

More on Customer Reviews

Magic Crystals website offers healing crystals such as Tanzanite, Ethiopian Opal, Ruby, Imperial Topaz, and many more rare stones that are sold on the websites. The website is backed by more than two decades of expertise healing stones that are sold online. We’ve found positive reviews on the reputable online site.More than 1200 authentic positive reviews of Magiccrystals are available at their Magic crystals official website. Also, it has great 5 star ratings for the majority of its products across every category. Magic crystal’s website includes Facebook, Pinterest, and tweet sharing hyperlinks. We aren’t able to locate the scam website’s and contact information.


We conclude that the website of Magiccrystal has been successful in selling healing stones on the market on the internet. We located the Magic Crystal comments and review on their official website and on the internet. Magic Crystals website boasts 60 percent trust rating. Based on the reviews of Magiccrystals and information on legitimacy, Magic Crystals website is legitimate and that experienced customers can test its products.

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