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Luis Tonelli, a highly regarded Argentine political science expert known for his expertise on political institutions.

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Luis Tonelli Wikipedia And Biography

Luis Tonelli, a highly acclaimed Argentinean political scientist, has been praised for his deep knowledge of political institutions and his specialization.

Since 2011, Luis Tonelli held the prestigious position of Chair at the Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

Luis’s academic career has seen him make significant contributions to the study and design of political institutions.

Tonelli’s academic achievements are complemented by his involvement in government and strategic planning.

He served as Director-General for Strategic Planning of the Argentine government, where he used his expertise to develop effective strategies and policy.

Picture of Luis Tonelli – Argentine political scientist, academic and researcher.
  • Assessing and analyzing the political landscape.
  • Identifying growth and development opportunities.
  • Providing valuable insights for decision-making processes.

Tonelli also has made important contributions to the financial industry. He managed and nurtured relationships with key stakeholders as the Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires’ Institutional Relations Coordinator.

His expertise allowed him to improve the bank’s reputation and institutional partnerships.

Luis has provided his services as an advisor to the Board of the Banco de la Nacion Argentina. This is a major financial institution of the country.

His invaluable insights and guidance helped shape the strategic direction of the bank and its decision-making process.

In addition to his work in national institutions and government, Luis Tonelli served as Senior Advisor in Argentina for Provincial and Local Governments.

He has provided his expertise and support to local administrations in order to help them develop effective policies and strategies that address regional challenges, and promote development.

Tonelli has expertise that extends beyond the national boundaries. He is a Senior Consultant External for a number of international organizations.

He is a prolific writer of articles, both for the press and academic journals.

He is a frequent political and current affairs analyst on Argentine television and radio, where he shares his analysis and insights on important issues.

His contributions to political science and in particular his work in designing political institutions, along with his experience in government roles and in advisory roles have made him a respected figure on the Argentinean political scene.

Luis Tonelli Edad: What is the age of Argentine political scientists?

It is not possible to find out the exact date of Tonelli’s birth.

Based on his work, his accomplishments and his appearance in photos, we can infer that he’s in his 50s.

Luis Tonelli’s expertise on political institutions has helped to shape education and research.

Tonelli has made significant contributions to the academic world, gained extensive teaching experience in multiple prestigious institutions and played a variety of roles within government and strategic planning. This is a testament to his wealth of experience and knowledge.

His active participation in commenting on current and political affairs in Argentina also suggests that he has a well-established and mature career.

Due to the lack of official information publicly available, it is impossible to determine the exact age of Argentinean political scientist.

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