LT Video Fight {July 2022} Check The Full Incident Information!

This article will give information on the LT Video Fight along with some additional information. Keep an eye out until the end to learn more.

Did you see the fighting film of LT? The video of LT is becoming viral across social media. Millions of Twitter users have already viewed the video. People from across the globe are discussing the video, and many want to learn what was the fate of LT. There are a lot of concerns in their heads and they have been flooding the internet. In this article, we’ll give our readers all the information they need to know about the LT video fight and related questions.

What did we see during the LT Fighting video?

Laurie Michael, also recognized as LT was a victim in the murder. He was only 24 when he was knifed to death in the mall. A person recorded the incident, and his fight video went viral on the internet. According to the video, the incident took place in front all the people at the Brunswick Mall, where he was attacked in the neck. In this footage, the accused is identified as Seyram Kwami, a twenty year old man is accused of murdering Michael Tagaola.

Was LT Video Boxer?

This video from LT stunned the audience However, as you can see from the video of the fight the way Laule faced and the position LT used in the fight to defend himself from the fight made many wonder whether Laule Michael Tagaola was actually a boxer, or if he was associated with any sporting occasion. We would like to inform our readers about the new question that LT wasn’t boxer, nor was he associated with any sport. He hasn’t made any posts that is related to boxing, or any sporting events on his social media handle.

LT Video Boxer Investigation

In the course of the battle the officer was able to rush to the scene but was too late to assist LT. The investigation has now launched into the killing of Laurie Michael Tagaola, and officers have detained Seyram Kwami as the primary suspect in the murder.

The incident took place in the eye of all the people in anxiety. Despite the presence of many people present, LT was killed in a public space which means there’s the possibility that it can happen to anybody in the world. This tragedy has caused many to be concerned about their disagreements with any person.

In the aftermath of the LT Film Fight What do you say?

According to Laurie Michael Tagaola’s girlfriend, LT was a very generous man and an extremely good friend. He was a caring person for people, but then one day, he was killed. The public is concerned about their safety, and sending prayers to their family. The public is stunned by the shocking footage, and is now questioning their own safety.


This article talked about the viral fight video of LT as well as provided answers to some of the questions posed by the video. We also shared the viewpoints of the general public on the fight incident. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read about the the LT incident

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