Lily Peters Chippewa Falls WI {April} Girl Is Missing!

This report contains all the details about the investigation conducted by the K9 criminal branch regarding Lily Peters Chippewa Falls WI.

Are you aware of the recent story about the girl who disappeared? Are you interested in knowing the reasons behind why she was murdered? If yes, then continue reading below for more details.

People in across the United States are worried about the 10-year-old girl’s corpse that was discovered missing in the woods of Chippewa Falls. After being questioned by a police officer the girl was discovered dead in the Wisconsin forest. The investigation into the body is ongoing.

Please read on for more information about Lily Peters Chippewa Falls WI tragic event and more specifics.

What Happened to Her? How Did She Go Missing?

At the age of 10, Lily was sent to her aunt’s home from her dad. In the morning of Monday, within just a few hours, she had been told by her aunt as missing from her home. Her father also tried to find her with the assistance of police officers but could not confirm the location.

On Monday , around 9:00 a.m. Her father made a report of the disappearance by his daughter. With the assistance by K9 the team investigating discovered that the girl had been located within the creek track of Chippewa.

Chippewa Falls Missing 10 Year Old: Who Found Her Dead?

When the police officer at the Chippewa fall was looking for the girl missing One of the officers Chief Matthew Klemp, noticed that an unidentified body was discovered over the edge of the trail. Klemp remarked that they were being hunted by the homicide. Following searching for Lilly inform the time and said she was missing since Sunday, and was unable to assist.

Klem was the person who discovered her body and informed the justice system they could not locate anyone on such a tranquil trail that was close to the parking area.

Investigator Results for Chippewa Falls Lily Peters

Police say the attempted to kill appears more like murder. The officer that is investigating the body has confirmed it was the victim who was harmed. A report from the Wisconsin state crime branch as well as local law enforcement agencies are also suing against the attack that took place in the Duncan creek trail.

The court on Monday ruled that the girl disappeared just after her father handed her to the police for a couple of days while the business trip was over. The police say that the search for the perpetrator is being conducted in a few locations.

Why is this trending?

The risk in the case Chippewa Falls Lily Peters was disclosed to the family and grandmother of the child. The report was finalized on Monday morning at 9:15 a.m. A K9 team went to CFPD and located evidence of the scene of the murder.


Based on research conducted online We can conclude that the girl of 10 years old Lily was discovered on Monday. The verification of Lily’s body, it was from Police Department located in Chippewa falls. The girl’s aunt had submitted an missing report before 9:00 a.m. The police officer is about discover the the murderer of the girl.

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