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Who are Lee Tinsley’s Parents? This article will tell you who Lee Tinsley’s parents are and a brief biography of Lee Tinsley. Lee Tinsley is an American professional baseball outfielder.

Who are Lee Tinsley’s Parents?

Lee Tinsley was an American professional baseball pitcher. He was born on March 4, 1969. People are always eager to learn about their favorite celebrities’ personal lives, and Lee Tinsley’s Parents is the most popular topic on the Internet. Let’s find out more about Lee Tinsley’s parents in this article.

According to vimbuzz Mark Tinordi is the father of Lee Tinsley. Jelena Tinska is his mother.

Lee Tinsley Father

People who are looking for Lee Tinsley’s Father’s name will now be able to see that Mark Tinordi is Lee Tinsley’s Father.

Lee Tinsley Mother

Jelena Tinska is Lee Tinsley’s mother. Lee Tinsley does not have much information on her mother. Keep checking our page for the most recent updates.

Lee Tinsley Biography

Name Lee Tinsley
Profession American professional outfielder
Father Mark Tinordi
Mother Jelena Tinska
Lee Tinsley Nationality American

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FAQ for Lee Tinsley Parents

1. Who are Lee Tinsley’s Parents?

vimbuzz reports that Lee Tinsley was born to Mark Tinordi (and Jelena Tinska)

2. Who is Lee Tinsley

Lee Tinsley is an American professional baseball pitcher.

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