Lawyers Of Distinction Scam What is Lawyers of Distinction?

To find out why Lawyers of Distinction scam is considered a scam, read exclusive reviews.

Why is the awarding of lawyers of distinction considered a fraud? Who was the recipient of a certificate of distinction for lawyers? How do you nominate for the award? How is the award evaluated? What are the authentic awards in law?

Let’s look at all the details regarding the Lawyers of Distinction Scam within the United States.

The scam:

The Lawyer of Distinction Award is presented to distinguished lawyers who have worked hard. A settlement firm recently decided to have some fun with the award. Lucy, their dog from work, was nominated for this award.

It sure looks funny. Unsurprisingly, Lucy was awarded the certificate as a lawyer with distinction. She was named Lucy Davis, Esq. Personal Injury, Top 10% USA. An animated meme featuring Lucy thanking YouTube for her award became a popular trend.

Because of these loopholes, the Lawyers of Distinction Scam has been deemed fraudulent. Lucy is often seen walking around the offices of the settlement company. This page has a lot of fun and clients are very reluctant to express their affection for Lucy.

What is Lawyers of Distinction award and

Lawyers of Distinction is an award that recognizes a lawyer’s hard work and contribution to a particular area of law. This award is given to lawyers who handle cases of personal injury or divorce.

The Lawyers of Distinction club is considered a highly prestigious one. However, Lawyers of Distinction scam is now being questioned. Many doors open up for you if you are recognized as a top lawyer on social media.

The trade mark material can be included on letterhead, internal or external stationary, and in your email signature.

Application process:

It is easy to apply. The application process is simple. You will need to submit a 600 word summary of your accomplishments and contributions in law and pay $475 fee. The following parameters are scored and submitted to the board for consideration. It is based on this that the Lawyers of Distinction award will be given. This makes a lawyer a top-notch litigator.

Lawyers of Distinction Evaluation process:

The board reviews case results, awards and honours, google reviews. Experience, verdicts, educational backgrounds, settlements, settlements. AVVO reviews, certifications. Activities, reviews by clients. Community service. Writings. Lectures.


Lucy was awarded the Lawyers of Distinction Award. This exposed the entire process of evaluation and application. What is the process of applying for an award? Will it have certifications, reviews, education or publications? The Lawyers of Distinction award should not be considered a scam. Three valid awards in law include the accreditation by Bar, Martindale Hubbell, and AVVO recognition.

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