Lavergne Police Scandal Video Reddit: Read Here!

This post will cover the details of Lavergne Police Scandal Video Reddit, and how it goes viral online.

Are you familiar with the Lavergne scandal? This is one of the most popular topics and videos on YouTube, so you may be familiar with it. This video is a hit with Americans. People are interested in the details of this video because it contains some disturbing scenes.

Despite the fact that it contains intimate activity, the video is shared widely on social media. We have provided all information about Lavergne Police Scandal Reddit which is rapidly becoming viral online.

What’s in the Lavergne Police Scandal video?

Sources claim that the video shows cops engaging in intimate activities mostly off-duty. Officers were involved in unethical activities when they were dunked. They also had a lewd conversation. These activities are continued after parties. The video was eventually leaked after the officer shared the disturbing photos and videos via his phone.

Is this video becoming viral on Twitter?

Yes, the video is viral on Twitter. However, Twitter deleted the video as soon as it became known to authorities. The video was also removed from Instagram and Facebook.

People have been searching for the video online since the viral video went viral on social media. The video is only accessible if you search for it with specific keywords. The video was also deleted from Tiktok.

Are there any actions taken by the authorities against the officers?

According to the latest information, six Lavergne officers were fired, including Detective Seneca Shields and Sergeant Lewis Powell. Sergeant Henry Ty McGowan and Officer Juan Lugo Perez, with Maegan Hall.

Meagan Hall was allegedly cheated upon by her husband. Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco and Patrick Magliocco were both suspended.

Initialy, officers were hesitant to take part in any of the activities after the video went viral. They eventually agreed to be part the viral video that was becoming popular on Instagram.


The viral video of the Lavergne police station shows six officers involved in unethical acts, most of them after their duty. All six were removed from duty and two others were suspected to be part of the viral video.

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