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This article Kyrie Irvine Tweet Screenshot includes all details about Kyrie Irving’s tweet concerning an anti-Semitic movie on Twitter.

Are you familiar with Kyrie Irving’s work? Did you know what he published on his Twitter account? Did you know what he tweet? This page will give you all the details about Kyrie Irving’s tweet.

The Nets punished him for linking to the anti-Semitic film. Irving’s tweet was sought out by people from all over America. You can find the same information in this post: Kyrie-Irving Tweet Screenshot

Tweets about Kyrie

According to reports, Kyrie Irving, a player in the NBA tweeted a link that led to a document containing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on October 27. His link to the movie URL showed hatred for Jews. This tweet was very popular on Twitter and all social media platforms.

He was then required to pay a substantial fine of $50,000 and was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets. Since then, all of his tweets have been deleted and any links removed from Twitter.

What Did Kyrie Insight Tweet

Kyrie shared the links without commenting to his almost 4 million followers. It also contains a falsely attributed quote from Adolph Hitler, which states that the Jews will press America to keep something secret.

Joe Tsai (Nets owner) stated that Irving was being paid $37 million in the final year of his contract.

Latest information about this Incident

The Kyrie Irving Documentary tweet grew on October 29. He tweeted again, declaring that he was an “omnist”, a person who believes or respects all religions.

The Nets suspended Irving on November 3. Adrian Wojnarowski, of ESPN, claimed Thursday night that Irving would be suspended for five consecutive games. After this incident, Irving deleted all his tweets from twitter and then finally apologized.


Kyrie tweeted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on a documentary, and then he said that his intention was not to harm religious faith. All statements made by Kyrie can be found on the official Twitter link

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