Kroger Magnesium Recall {July 2022} All Chemical Solution Here!

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Do you think that medical facilities and their products are the greatest saviors of humanity and the largest cause of catastrophe? The uncertainty is real and could exist in any way. True. Isn’t it? The incident that took its place within the United States.

The stores have initiated an emergency unracking process as report of Microbial contamination has been reported for various products. Additionally, on the 15th of July the Kroger Magnesium Recall announced for the same. issued for the same reason. Find out more.

What has happened to the Products?

On the 15th of July 2022, a’strike’ announcement was issued in the US Food and Drug Administration in which they noted strange bacteria that were found in Vi-Jon’s products that are manufactured by the company. According to the authorities the unusual bacteria, specifically, Gluconacetobacter Liquifaciens, was identified in the products which could trigger a significant reaction in our immune system.

The bacteria present in the product contain a lemon flavor, in particular due to its acidic characteristics. Kroger Magnesium Citrateis among the products. The issue was brought up when the brand was analyzed by more than 30 retailers, and its inventory increased in all of them. The 10 Oz solution can cause an enormous problem for the immune system of a lot of people since it targets the immune system of the patient quite seriously.

As per experts’ advice, the bacterium could cause serious health issues for consumers who consume this product. This means that the level of danger associated with these products is very high. The products have been sold across the globe.

More About Kroger Magnesium Remember

Kroger Magnesium is an saline laxative that assists in the patient’s intestinal movement, and is not recommended for pregnant women due to a variety of reasons. Additionally an outbreak of an unusual bacterial strain is causing an immediate recall of the product.

The list of stores that require to return this itemList of stores that need to return this product

  • South Carolina,
  • Georgia,
  • Alabama,
  • Auburn,
  • Central as well as Northwest Ohio,
  • Michigan, Greater Cincinnati,
  • Indiana,
  • Northwestern Virginia panhandle,
  • Kentucky,
  • Illinois,
  • Greater Louisville area,
  • Lexington,
  • Select n save,
  • Ralphs,
  • Smith’s Store and Foods Co.

Additional Info: Kroger Magnesium Citrate!

This is an acrid laxative typically used to treat constipation sufferers. The results are seen within 30 minutesto 3 hours since they are abrasive to use, and therefore is not recommended for pregnant women. It is recommended to take it after consulting an expert medical professional because they are not suitable for the digestive tract and can help with constipation.

But, Kroger Magnesium bacteria has caused panic for people since this bacterium is not an immediate threat to life for everyone.

Note: The details are solely based on internet research.


On the 15th of July 2022, 2022 the FDA released a string of warnings regarding a potentially threat to life. Kroger Magnesium Recall was discovered in the magnesium solutions utilized by many people to treat bowel issues. In the end, Kroger Magnesium is on high priority.

A total of 30 stores are predicted to carry this dilute solution in them, which could have negative consequences for their health. Have you ever encountered the same product in any of the nearby stores? Comment below.

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