Kohls Gift Card Scam: What is the Kohl’s Gift Card Scam Work?

If you’ve received an email from Kohl’s about earning $75-$100 Kohl’s gift card reward points, check out this article about Kohls gift Card scam.

Do you know about scams with Kohl’s gift cards? Are you aware of the steps to verify the balance on both Kohl’s as well as Victoria’s Secret gift cards? What is the method used by scammers to make use of Kohl’s gift cards and gain access to details of the personal and financial information of customers? How can fraudsters trick you into giving the details?

In this piece about Kohls Card Gift Card Scam we will take a look at the frauds committed by Kohl’s across America. United States.

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Kohl’s Scam:

Kohl’s has a variety of promotions for customers. Customers can avail various offers offered by Kohl’s. Scammers made use of these actions through Kohl and created the fraud using phishing.

The scam first came into scene in the middle of the year. Since the time, scammers have gathered details from a variety of customers, and continue to send out messages to customers who are innocent.

A lot of users received an email advising that they could get the $100.00 Kohl’s gift card or an additional balance by taking part in a short survey. The email included a survey’s link inside a button within the message.

Check Kohls Gift Card Balance:

Kohl’s gift card’s code and pin are needed for checking the balance. The gift card’s number underneath in the bar codes. Please visit the official Kohl’s website at https://www.kohls.com/giftcard/gift_card_check_balance.jsp to know the balance.

What is the Kohl’s Gift Card Scam work?

The address of the survey website is not known. There were at the very least four such emails which have been circulated from time to time since the beginning of the year 2019. After the user hits the button, they will be redirected to a survey website. After the survey, the participants must enter their personal information and payment details.

Victoria Secret Gift Card Balance:

You can check the balance of the Victoria’s Secret Gift Card by visiting – https://www.victoriassecret.com/in/vs/gift-cards (or) by calling 1(800)270-8999.

The client is convinced that information about their payment and personal details is needed to credit rewards. Therefore, they input the information, and fraudsters get valuable data.


After filling out the survey for the $100.00 reward, customers of Kohl’s were eager to see the balance. But, they didn’t get any $100.00 reward. If you do receive an email from Kohl’s reward for answering an uninvolved survey, not respond to the email, and don’t click any link within the email, and do not provide your personal information or payment details via fake URLs from third parties.

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