Kings Park Car Accident {June} Check The Full Incident Here!

This article details a heroic action by a teenager who helped save the life of a classmate after an accident. Find out further regarding Kings Park Car Accident.

Are you curious to learn about a teen’s hero rescue operation? Do you want to learn more about the incident as well as the rescue mission? Go through the entire article to discover the brave actions of a high-school student who saved a classmates life.

The people of across the United States are delighted by the dramatic conclusion of the Kings Park Car Accident. The footage of the life-threatening car crash and rescue mission that was single-handed was a hit on the major social media platforms.

About Patchogue Bay Car Accident and Rescue

Mia Samolinski, a student was a student who accidentally got on the wrong pedal when parking her car. She was able to avoid the accident, but the car sank into the water. Anthony Zhongor, her classmate, was the first to confirm the event, and jumped into the water and helped Mia.

The whole event involving the car accident as well as the rescue mission was captured on the camera that was set up in King’s Park. The video became viral as did Anthony Zhongor received heroic reception. Find out more information about Kings Park High School.

Who is Samolinski and Zhongor?

  • Mia Samolinski is an 18-year-old student at Patchogue Medford High School.
  • The unfortunate car accident happened when Samolinski hit the gas pedal when she was parking her car at Patchogue Bay.
  • Samolinski and her vehicle, slipped into the sea and Zhongor was able to rescue her.
  • Anthony Zhongor is a 17-year-old student at Patchogue Medford High School.
  • Samolinski and Zhongor went to the same high school, but they didn’t know one the other.
  • Zhongor, who is graduating next week, will go to the Marines boot camp in September.
  • They both made it back to shore without injury.

Kings Park Accident Today

  • The SUV sank into the deep water after Samolinski used the accelerator rather than brakes.
  • Zhongor plunged into the water and when he was back in her car hit the windows and doors in order to smash them.
  • Then, they made a huge effort to open the door, but did not succeed in executing.
  • Then, Zhongor took advantage of his weight to push the car further to open the rear door of the vehicle.
  • He was able to open the back of the car and Samolinski was able to escape through the rear of the vehicle.

What Happened After The Rescue?

  • Samolinski acknowledged Zhongor and continued crying and thinking about the thrilling escape. Read on the Kings Park Patch.
  • Zhongor told reporters that he was unable to be a spectator to someone’s suffering and he decided to jump into the sea to help her.
  • Charles Samolinski’s father, Charles Samolinski, described this incident was a”miracle..
  • Both teens are healthy after the incident.
  • The car was able to get back on its feet using the help of a wrecker with heavy-duty capabilities.


Anthony Zhongor set a great example for others to follow by taking a quick decision to save the life of a child and risking his own. To find out more information about this issue, kindly visit here.

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