Keppel Shipyard Tuas Recent Updates About The Keppel Shipyard

This article gives all the information about the truly terrible catastrophe that took place in the Keppel Shipyard Tuas.

Have you heard about the tragic incident which occurred at the Keppel Shipyard? According to reports the tragedy caused the death of two people. The citizens in Singapore are shocked by the tragedy because it was so horrifying. The ministry is investigating what happened and instructed Keppel Shipyard Tuas to stop any work related to the vessel’s constructions.

The readers of this blog will find out more about the tragic death of a kid in this article about Keppel Shipyard Tuas. For more information about the incident please read the following article.

What Happens In Keppel Shipyard?

Two workers were killed in a tragic events at a shipyard owned by Singapore’s Keppel Corp. Two Bangladeshi men, aged 30 , and 42 are thought be dead at the scene following their fall from the dockyard of a ship at the Tuas shipyard.

In the words of the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, In this Keppel Shipyard Accident ,they were one of three men working on scaffolds for this ship, when it collapsed. The ministry said that the third worker who was 25 years old Bangladeshi was able to hold on the structure but was saved by shipyard’s emergency reaction team.

He was aged 42 was reportedly employed by Keppel Port, whereas the other two employees were working by Veekee Engineering. The victim was one of three workers who were building an edifice around the area of the ship that was parked in the 51st Pioneer Sector 1.

What Are The Investigations Taken By The Government?

In the Keppel Shipyard Accident, Around 10 p.m. The building abruptly collapsed, hurling two workers as well as a part of the scaffolding on the ship. Prior to 10.30 p.m. Officers came to the scene to seek assistance and found the two in a state of death. According to MOM another employee also from Bangladesh was able remain in the structure. The response team of the shipyard was there to help and carried the man into Ng Teng Fong Health Centre in Singapore, where he received treatment for outpatients.

The exact amount of workplace fatal accidents and serious injuries in the industry is not known because the ministry has not disclosed this information.

Recent Updates About The Keppel Shipyard Accident

In a press release issued by MOM in a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, 42-year-old’s employer and the occupant of the workplace is Keppel Shipyard, a fully-owned Keppel Offshore, and Marine division. Veekee Engineering employed the other two employees.

The MOM is investigating the matter and has directed Keppel Shipyard to halt any work that might affect the vessel’s structural components. The police inspections continue to be carried out. There is no evidence of any illegal activity. Keppel Shipyard workers expressed the company’s sincere regret for the incident.


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