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Friends and family have expressed sorrow for Kelly Galloway Colorado death. This article contains details about his funeral and causes of death.

Did you know that people who are less fortunate are still remembered and honored after their deaths? You can read our post if you don’t believe it. Kelly Galloway was a well-known doctor in the United States for treating children and patients of all ages, regardless their financial status. Many family members and friends expressed sorrow at the passing of Kelly Galloway Colorado and many have also asked about his obituary. Continue reading to find out more about Kelly Galloway and what caused his death.

Kelly Colorado and Obituary

Kelly Galloway, a well-known doctor. Many people admired him. After a long battle with cancer, he passed away on February 26, 2017. His family and friends wrote and distributed his obituary. A funeral service was held at the Sturtevant Funeral Home’s Portsmouth Boulevard Chapel on Friday, March 3. After his death, Kelly’s final resting place was at Olive Branch Cemetery. Friends and family are invited to send their condolences to Kelly Galloway Obituary Colorado at our funeral home on Thursday night.

We offer our prayers for his family and friends during this difficult time. Those who had the opportunity to know him and include him in their circle of friends will be deeply saddened.

Causes of Death

Kelly passed away on February 26, 2017, after a long fight with cancer. To our knowledge, there are no reports about Kelly Galloway’s death or the circumstances surrounding his passing. Any information that his family may have will be made available to the public.

Condolences to Kelly Galloway Colorado

We pray to God that individuals who are suffering can continue their lives, despite the loss. It is a difficult experience to lose someone you care about. We are deeply sorry for the Galloway family’s loss. We will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. He was born on 29 September 1953.

About Family

Kelly was a life-loving, devoted Christian and had a zest to live. We will always remember Kelly’s warm smile and positive attitude for Kelly Galloway Obituary Colorado time. It has been a difficult time for us to be without him. Vicky, Vicky’s daughter, is 37 years old. He is also survived by their sons Jason, Parker, their grandchildren Eliza and Devin and their sister Janice. Many people cherished Kelly and all those who had the chance to meet him will be very much missed.


Kelly’s death was a sad day for everyone. Many loved ones lost their loved one. This had an enormous impact on friends and family. Concerned individuals from Kelly Galloway Colorado took to social media to pay tribute to the deceased and to convey their condolences Kelly’s family. Are you able to sympathize? Comment section: If you agree, please do!

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