Keitomart Reviews {June} Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

We suggest that you review our Keitomart reviews first before shopping on this site.

Have you ever found a suspicious or fraudulent website? There are many similarities between genuine and fake websites. We need to be able to distinguish the two before we buy from any online store.

We will be talking about Keitomart. This online store claims to have clothes, tools, and furniture. The United Kingdom is curious to learn more about it. With our Keitomart Reviews you can see if the website is legitimate.

Information about Keitomart

Keitomart was launched in 2022. It is an ecommerce site that offers a variety of products, including tools, furniture and appliances. Keitomart launched in 2021 and has been a leading online destination for men’s luxury brand style since then. However, we couldn’t find any trendy items for men. Next we will talk about the specifications of Keitomart’s website. Continue reading.

Specifications by Keitomart

  • Products offered- Products include tools, appliances, furniture and more.
  • Return policy- To find out if is Keitomart Legit, this website offers a 30-day guarantee.
  • Products Exchange Policy –Products are available for exchange.
  • Physical Address –United Kingdom. WD24 4PP Watford 3 Imperial Park
  • Website Link- check the website’s products via
  • Website creation date- The website was launched on 2022/03/06 (just 2 months after now).
  • Email Address- email at
  • Contact Number: Call them at +44 7956 92593
  • Payment Options: Payments can either be made through Visa, MasterCard or Maestro, PayPal, Discover or PayPal.
  • Policy on Refunds – The original payment method will be refunded within 10-25 days.

Let’s look at the website’s positive and negative sides. For more information, please visit the Keitomart Reviews.

Positive Points from Keitomart

  • There are many products on the website.
  • The Url name and Portal name are identical.
  • This means that the website has an HTTPS protocol.

Negative Features of Keitomart

  • They have copied their contact details, which is a bad sign.
  • The website has a limited life expectancy.
  • This website doesn’t have social media links.
  • Owner identity is not revealed.
  • We do not have any customer reviews.
  • This newsletter is not available.

Find Out Is Keitomart Legit? Or Scam

Once you have read the legitimacy factors, you will be able to determine if Keitomart is legitimate.

  • Website Registration Date This website was registered the first time it was used on 2022/03/06. It is therefore very young and doubtful.
  • Discounts There are no discounts that seem particularly interesting.
  • Social media Presence-There are no social media accounts.
  • Customer feedback- Comments are not available. This is a major drawback to this website.
  • Content quality-Check via Keitomart Reviews 83% of the About Us content was plagiarized.
  • Trust Rating- This website is ranked only 58.1. That’s not very good.
  • Trust Score- trust rank for this website is only 22% which is quite a low score.
  • Policies All policies are clearly and easily understood.
  • Identity of the Owner – Owner information was not available. This seems very suspicious.
  • Address Authentication – This website has provided a fake address.
  • Expiration Date – Website will stop expiring on 2023/03/06.

Customer reviews

According to online sources, there are currently no Keitomart Reviews. There are currently no articles-based reviews, nor any evaluations. You cannot also comment publicly on the website because there aren’t any social media accounts. This website is not well-known and popular. Do you want to know how to get a PayPal refund? You can read more here.

The Bottom Line

The Keitomart site, which offers tools, appliances , as well as many other items, lacks transparency. There is no social media presence, low trust score, fake address, customer reviews, and it does not have a website. The website is very suspicious. We recommend that you be careful. Do you want to wait for a refund via your credit card You can check this link.

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