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The Fourth of July is a holiday for the United States but it has been made a day of mourning for Kaysville. After a child, aged 8 years, was struck by a car, the parade was cancelled. Macie Hill was participating in Patriot cheer rehearsals when a Hummer traveling with the team struck her.

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What was the Kaysville Parade like?

One witness to the accident reported that a yellow Hummer ran over Hill during the parade. She said, “I saw a little boy in a little dance group and the trailer, just ran over her top.” She then moved her children to another area so they wouldn’t be disturbed by the incident. The driver was then yelled at by other women, “You ran over one your girls!” They immediately cancelled the parade.

Kaysville Utah Parade Incident: What officials said about it?

According to police, the accident involved a yellow hammer towing an inflatable trailer with ribbons and balloons. The girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition by police. The road was closed after an accident at 175 South Main Street. However, authorities have since reopened it.

Kaysville Fire officials gave the green light to parade participants and advised them that they were safe. People close to Macie Hill’s family appreciate those who helped them.

Kaysville Parade 2022

Police said that Marcie was walking near the float at the time she was struck. Or if she fell off and was then hit. The police stated that it was a terrible tragedy and are thinking of the family. The parade of patriotic floats stopped abruptly just 15 to 20 minutes after it began, just before 10 AM. This confused hundreds of witnesses. As word spread about an accident on the route, the parade was canceled.

Final thoughts Kaysville Parade Incident

The Fourth of July has been made a day of mourning in Kaysville, despite being a national holiday for the United States. Parade participant aged 8 years was struck by a car in the holiday celebration. The incident led to Monday’s cancellation. The girl was taken to the hospital after becoming critically ill. Family members from nearby Hill thanked Macie for her help. Click here for more information on Independence Day

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