Katie Palmer Accident {Aug 2022} Check How Happen?

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Are you wondering what the motive behind Katie Palmer is in the media? If so, you’re in the right spot will be able to get all the information on this incident as well as what’s this “justice for Katie Palmer” motion across social networks.

Katie Palmer was hit by the truck of a pickup on the 21st April in 2020. She didn’t recover from the injuries. At the time this issue was popular across Canada and in the United States. Katie Palmer is a resident of Texas. She is a mother and wife from Dension. Cory Foster, their neighbor struck both her husband and herself. However, in the Katie Palmer accident ,nothing happened to her husband. However, she was killed during the accident. They transported her by helicopter to a nearby hospital which she later passed away in.

What caused this incident to turn into an Social Media Movement?

It is also noteworthy that the vehicle’s driver was not charged caused the incident to receive much greater attention in the national media. The district attorney of Grayson county decided not to file accusations against Cory Foster, who was apparently drunk during the crash. Cory Foster has a long history of arrests and penalties for traffic-related violations, including speeding, drunk driving reckless driving, among other crimes. In light of this incident, Katie Palmer’s accident Katie Palmer Accident led to the “Justice for Katie Palmer” social media campaign, which resulted in the story being reported on numerous podcasts about true crime.

What caused the accident?

As per reports Katie Palmer was hit by the truck that she was driving in April 2020. However, she was not able to make it out of the wreck. John Palmer and Katie Palmer enjoyed a walk around their neighborhood. After about 15 hours, Cory Foster, a neighbor, struck their backs with his F-250 and caused them to take off their shoes and hurl themselves several yards. Katie’s skull was severely injured and she was likely to die at the scene of the collision.

Katie Palmer Accident What’s the Story? Cory Foster

Since he has not been arrested, Cory Foster is not in jail. According to various accounts, an officer met with the driver after the crash. According to the reports, the offender was able to smell his breath and tested his sanity. Foster did well and passed the test. In addition to taking care of the case, he was assisted by the state trooper Tarif Alkhatib.

Additionally the grand jury decided not to bring charges against Foster just four months after the incident. In the end, Foster was fired with no charges against him. Then Katie Palmer’s family launched an appeal. A social media campaign was dubbed “justice for Katie Palmer.”

Last thoughts about Katie Palmer’s accident

Research suggests that on the 21st of April 20th, 2020 Katie Palmer was struck by the vehicle that she was driving and died from her injuries. The accident received a lot more media attention due to the result of the fact the driver of the vehicle was not accused. Furthermore, Cory Foster, who was believed to be drunk during the crash was not arrested in the eyes of Grayson County district attorney. Then Katie Palmer’s family began an initiative. “Justice for Katie Palmer” is a popular social media campaign.

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