Karely Y Santa Fe Video Viral Twitter: Know About The Video!

This article on Karely Y Santa Fe Video will inform online readers about the new album by Karely and Santa.

Did you enjoy the collaboration between Karely Ruiz & Sana Fe? After the song’s release on May 2, news of its release is trending across all social media sites. Some clips of Karely Y Santa Fe Video via Twitter reveal that the music video has explicit content. Fans around the world were eagerly awaiting this song’s release. We will however list some important details here. Continue reading.

Santa Fe and Karely in a new viral video!

Online sources claim that Santa Fe and Ruiz recently announced their first collaborative music video. The song was launched on 2 May. The music video has received a variety of comments. This video is considered explicit because it contains explicit scenes. The video’s bold scenes made it a hit.

Video de Karely Y Santa Fe Link!

The link to the viral video was searched by our readers. This video contains several explicit scenes. We cannot share the link to this song. You can still find the video for the song “Sabes” by Santa Fe Klan & Ruiz on other social media platforms.

Moreover, many websites have posted the video on their own sites. You can get the link to this music video from their respective websites. Some sites even have short clips of the music video. Karely posted some photos with the rapper on Instagram a few days back, making everyone talk about their romance. The duo was questioned about their relationship. They announced their collaboration later.

Reactions to the video!

Online sources claim that people have mixed opinions about the video. Users began to post their opinions about the video after it became popular on Tiktok, and other sites. One user said that the relationship was only to pay bills and advertise. Many users wrote that the relationship was to gain popularity. There were many different opinions about the couple.

Is Santa Fe Klan married?

According to online sources, Santa Fe Klan divorced his first wife on December 19, last year. The controversy began over Santa’s new relationship with KarelyRuiz, as Santa had decided to split with Maya Nazor when she gave birth Luka, their first child. The controversy was a hot topic on Youtube, and internet users trolled the couple on social media. The recent collaboration has added fuel to the controversy. We do not wish to comment on the personal lives of anyone. These details are provided for informational purposes only.


This post is a comprehensive overview of the controversy surrounding the new music video by Karely and Santa Fe. This explicit viral video is not linked to because it violates our community guidelines.

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