Julian Zietlow LinkedIn: Check Details Here!

Julian Zietlow’s Instagram account does not work, as revealed by a study done on LinkedIn. Continue reading to find out the reason.

Want to change your body? Have you seen a video by Julian Zietlow uploaded? Are you familiar with his name? Fitness trainers are trending worldwide on the Internet and in the media. Why? Search engines are flooded with queries about his location.

Julian is popular because he believes in transforming celebrities’ bodies at the right time. For some reason, he was not in the media for a long time. Julian Zietlow’s LinkedIn profile has more visitors. Why? Below are some explanations.

Julian Zietlow’s news.

Julian Zeitlow’s social media account has been trending in the media because of his release of explicit material. His fitness, health, and other content has attracted a large following. Officials have banned his Instagram account with over five million followers.

The inappropriate video footage was present on his account as of 03 May 2023. Since 2022, he has not been active on his social media platform. It is not known why the video was not uploaded for such a long time.

The viewers are concerned about the hacker’s involvement in Julian Zietlow account. Unknown is who and why the indecent content was uploaded through Julian’s account. Continue reading for updates.

Julian Zeitlow, does he upload viral content to Twitter?

Investigating the social media uploads on Julian Zeitlow’s platform shows that he lives in Thailand. He is in a high-level excitement state when he’s with Kate Kolosovkai. Luca Liran is a mental trainer who travelled to Thailand to be Julian’s coach.

It seems that Julian’s exuberance is responsible for the indecent posting on his account. Julian posted the picture on social media. The video shows him dancing in the rain, with some girls who are half-undressed.

Julian Zeitlow’s fans are not happy with these uploads. Reddit users have expressed their dissatisfaction in various threads.

Julian Zeitlow Social Media Accounts

Julian Zeitlow has a large following on Instagram and Youtube. His Youtube channel is a key factor in his success as a fitness business owner. In 2010, he started a youtube channel to share information on fitness, health and other topics.

German Friends are awestruck by the content. Now, his channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers and 150 million views.

Julian’s YouTube channel is not currently restricted. His Insta account, which has 5 million followers, is not working.

What is Julian Zeitlow Freundin all about?

Julian Zeitlow has not revealed the name of his current girlfriend. The post shows a variety of girls but it is not known if they are in a relationship. He was previously in a relationship Alina Schulte-Holf. She was instrumental in the development of Julian Zeitlow’s fitness career.

Julian Zeitlow Wikipedia

  • Julian Paul Philip Winfried Zietlow
  • Birth date: 2nd October 1984
  • Age: 38
  • Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
  • Graduate
  • Nationality: German
  • Religion: Christian
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Siblings Unknown
  • Net Worth: $85 Million

Julian Zietlow confuses his fans by posting explicit videos. Fler and Christian Wolf feel as though they have stepped out.

The Career of Julian Zietlow as a Fitness

Julian began working as a trainer for celebrities. His youtube channel brought him tremendous fame very quickly. He became a successful businessman in the fitness industry.


Julian Zeitlow’s channel received massive attention following the viral uploads to the Insta account. The account was banned because the video uploaded to Instagram was inappropriate. It is not known what the intention was for such an explicit clip.

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