Joshua Graves Obituary Who was Joshua Graves?

This article discusses The Joshua Graves Obituary case, which was widely discussed across the internet. The suspect was taken to the hospital by police and then died.

Who is Joshua? What caused his death? The name has been viewed by thousands of people more than ever before. In the present, the excitement surrounding the issue is rapidly distributed. People from countries such as Canada and the United States have been found to be the most interested of all.

Continue reading regarding The Joshua Graves Obituaryand learn about the findings of the investigation.

Who was Joshua Graves?

Joshua Graves was a 21-year-old who was killed by three police officers. If the investigation is to be taken as a fact, Joshua refused to throw the knife he used as a retaliation for the assault, to which the police officers were left with no choice but they chose this. After the police killed Joshua, his funeral obituary was published.

According to the court, Joshua Graves was charged with assault and criminal harassment on the 24th of June. He was accused of harassing one of his classmates and a woman for four months, on a regular basis this year.

The allegations suggest the fact that Joshua Graves Ottawa was known to follow her around, attempted to initiate conversations, and was even a bit inappropriate. However, these allegations aren’t yet proven.

Joshua’s release order reveals that he was expected to stay with his mother Emily Graves from then onwards. He was previously living with his father, who was also his guarantor in Anoka street.

Emily Graves in her statement declared the fact that she suffered from a previous diagnosis of anxiety disorder and was about to look for treatment. She also felt that her son was disconnected and out of contact with the world.

Catherine Ready’s part in The Joshua Graves Obituary

The Ready family’s oldest daughter Catherine was 19 when she survived the knife stab as well as the shots fired by police officers. Joshua was accused of stalking, following or harassing, and even imposing himself onto Catherine Ready.

According to the report of the investigation, Graves’ relatives asked him to stop pursuing Catherine after he had expressed an uncharacteristic attraction to Catherine’s.

Graves was found in the process of stabbling Catherine Ready at the site when the police officers were patrolling. Joshua Graves was asked by police officers to lay down his knife numerous times, which Graves refused.

Do you think Joshua Graves Ottawa murdered anyone?

Graves was then barred to have the contact of Catherine. He was arraigned in court to fulfill his criminal obligations first time, three days following which the stabbing occurred. He was charged with prior charges and was freed within 24 hours after his arrest.

A number of facts in the case remain unproven and unrevealed. Readers are welcome to add any information that they have gathered from any official source.


Joshua was a teen from Canada who was accused of stalking and harassing Catherine Ready for several months. Joshua Graves Obituary was killed at by three officers after they discovered him in the process of stabbing Catherine with the knife. He was killed during that exact incident.

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