Josh Bryant Net Worth: Get The Information!

Joshua Bryant, who is mostly referred to by the name Josh Bryant, is an American bluegrass music guitarist. He is a key member of the band of six members called Backroad Anthem having begun for them as the guitarist at the time of their debut in 2012. He has been enlisted by with Broadway performer Kristin Chenoweth after proposing in the fall of 2021. Beginning in 2021 Josh Bryant total assets are estimated to be about 600,000 dollars.

  • Full Name: Joshua Bryant
  • Birth Date: N/A
  • Birth Place: Arkansas, United States of America
  • Profession: Country Music Guitarist
  • Relationship Status: Engaged
  • Net Worth : $600,000


Josh spent his childhood in Arkansas in the typical southern climate, surrounded by his sisters who are more experienced. His father is a rancher, and as a result, as a child, he was able to enjoy hunting trips on a regular basis and fishing trips with his dad, and it is still one of his deep-rooted passions.

Additionally, his father been a soldier, too and he has mentioned that he has great respect for those who work in the military to protect the nation.


Josh was interested in music from a young age and, after a few years of instruction, he was able to achieve excellence particularly with the guitar. The year 2012 was the time when he along with five other music lovers and experts decided to start the band Backroad Anthem. Josh has continued to work in the band, that originates from his former neighborhood in Arkansas.

On the group’s Instagram page, it is clear that they’ve performed in many locations across all across the United States and have even performed for famous artists like Josh Turner just as Chris Young. The band is popular as a favorite among those who enjoy traditional music. They are developing step with each step.

A few of their songs include the debut of their EP entitled Feel This Night. With the growth of their group, they might be preparing to release their studio album in the near future.


Josh first met Kristin Chenoweth in the year Kristin was attending the marriage of her daughter. In this instance, Josh was performing at the wedding ceremony, which was where they first met. This was akin to an initial sensation that the two had previously were in a relationship.

At the time, Kristin had gone to the wedding of her nephew two years later the event. Josh was once more employed as an entertainer at the wedding. It was there that Josh and Kristin first began to talk to each other, and they felt an affinity they could not resist to continue their journey.

There’s a 14-year gap between them which is due to Josh being the younger one, at 39, while Kristin is 53 years old. young. Whatever the case, it does not appear to have any effect on the couple. Kristin has even joked about the fact that her husband is younger is the main reason she’s been so popular on TikTok.

When the pandemic was raging and many relationships were starting to break down and break up, the friendship of Josh and Kristin was able to keep the score more solidly since they were able to spend a lot of time together and work out with each other.

Josh has stated within his Instagram bio that he is one of his admirers Jesus and his Instagram posts prove that he’s very strict to Christianity. There is a dog named ThunderPup and felines as well.

Josh Bryant Net Worth

By 2021 Josh Bryant has expected to have assets totaling $600,000. Josh is extremely happy with his work in bluegrass music as a musician and has enough income to cover the expenses of it as well. If we compare his assets and those of his partner in crime Kristin, we will see that Kristin’s assets total is an incredible $16 million.

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