Joseline Hernandez Floyd Mayweather: What Happened To Him?

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The Arrest of Joseline Hernandez

36-year-old reality star Joseline Hernandez was arrested on four charges, including trespassing and battery. Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III gave a new meaning to watch “the big fight.” A brawl broke out between attendees and instigated the Fight. The reality star Joseline was also involved in the Fight and was arrested after charging with various cases. The incident at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise shocked everyone. According to the report, the altercation occurred in the arena’s back hallways. An altercation between Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex led to battery and trespass. People are also interested to know more about the charges. The investigation is still being carried out.

How did the Fight Take a Serious Turn?

Someone was filming the Fight and spread the video across the internet. They were scolding each other, which was recorded on the video. Even the person filming the video was heard scolding the persons involved in the Fight. Hernandez and Lex were exchanging the hit while fighting against each other. People were watching the Fight. Perhaps someone even tried to resist the fighting. But no one was able to resist fighting so easily.

Husband of Joseline Hernandez

As per sources, Hernandez was in a relationship with Stevie, and they claimed to get married in 2013. But, later, Stevie claimed that no marriage happened between him and Joseline. As per sources, the marriage was only for gaining publicity. Even the documents in the court also revealed that they were not legally married. But they were in a long-term relationship. Their break up was depicted in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s fifth season. As per sources, They have a daughter together. Later, Hernandez started dating music producer Robin Ingouma who was professionally known as Ballistic Beats. The video also became viral on Twitter. People are sharing the video on various other platforms as well.

Early Life and Career of Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez was born on November 3, 1986. She grew up in Puerto Rico. After the death of her biological father, she left for Florida at the age of 6 with her mother. She started earning for her family at 16 by beginning stripping. Hernandez was also arrested during this time, once in 2003 and 2007 for the second time.

When she met Stevie, she became an original cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She appeared as a new artist and an aspiring rapper. Hernandez earned a Net Worth of $ 300,000. After the Fight with Lex, people are also interested in the personal life of Hernandez. Many of her fans are eager to know about Hernandez’s personal and professional life.


oseline is a popular artist, and people are interested in her life. After the controversial Fight with Lex, she has been arrested on various charges. Some of these charges were trespassing and battery. To know more please visit the link

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