Johnny Dang & Co Reviews Its Scam Or Legit, Read Here!

It is Johnny Dang & Co Review is an effort to inform customers about the scams that are prevalent on the internet.

Do you adore diamonds? Have you been searching for it for days but not found it yet? Don’t give up that diamonds are a expensive item, therefore the need to look for the finest is obvious. Simply visit this article about Johnny Dang & Co Reviews and you could discover your perfect diamond. It is Johnny Dang & Co is an United States-based well-established jewelry company.

You should be eager to learn details about this jewelry store with a sense of curiosity.

The Story of Jahnny Dang & Co:

Johnny Dang & Co is an Texas US-based diamond and gold jewelry business offering a variety of products that complement the Western hip-hop culture of the celebrities and lavish lifestyle. The company was established in the year 1998, and has become renowned for its exquisite jewelry in gold and diamonds like Grillz. In addition, due to its top-quality merchandise, stars from all over the world have been raving about the products. Our search for is Johnny Dang & Co Legit found that it’s been recognized by numerous respected magazines like Vice Magazine. The products that are that are listed on its websites are listed below:

  • Grillz (Gold & Silver, Diamond, Permanent, Dental Molding Kit).
  • Chains made of Gold, Diamond Gold and Silver.
  • The earrings are made of Silver, Gold & Diamond, Diamond Studs, Diamond style and Metal fashion.
  • Rings of Engagement, Diamond and Bridals Wedding Band Builder – Silver, Gold wedding band builder.

Additionally, there are additional exclusive items on the site. We will now look into various aspects of the website’s legitimacy using the factual information we have gathered from our studies.

Website & Company details: Johnny Dang & Co Reviews

  • Age of the website: It was established on the 14th of April in 2008, which was around 13-14 years old.
  • URL: –
  • Category: Precious Jewelries Business.
  • Email:
  • Contact No. : +17137772026
  • Address 6224 Richmond Ave Houston, TX United States.
  • payment options: Amazon Pay, AmEx, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and PayPal.
  • Refund Policy Returns are available only for products that are not custom-made in 14 calendar days.
  • The policy on refunds: A full refund will be offered on custom products that are not customized after the due date for inspection.
  • Total Delivery Time There is no standard time is provided. However, the time will vary with custom orders and non-custom ones.


  • According to reviews on the website that the website is well-maintained with the right specifications for products as per Johnny Dang & Co Reviews.
  • There are enough social media links provided with a large fans in Vietnam.
  • The website’s age is approximately 13 years old, which is rather old in comparison to other websites.
  • Reactions of customers off-site are generally positive and are acknowledged by a number of western stars.
  • Payment options are easy to use and sufficient in number and highly reliable.
  • Closing and opening times are clearly stated.

The disadvantages of the site to customers

  • Alexa position of the website is extremely high, meaning that it has a low access to customers.
  • Trust score for websites or Domain score very low.
  • The site isn’t a fully-qualified public domain.
  • On-site reviews are few and far between.

Is Johnny Dang & Co Legit?

To verify the authenticity of the site, look over the data points below and do your own thorough research before you determine the best option.

  • Web Age The site is 19 days 7, 6 months, and thirteen years old since the owner purchased the domain name on April 14, 2008.
  • Alexa Ranking: The site is ranked 884237 in the world according to Alexa Traffic Ranking.
  • Site Trust Score: The website has a trust score of 9/100 from our sources.
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube links are provided.
  • Description of the Product The correct descriptions are provided
  • Policies information Standard delivery time and Shipping policy are not available according to the Johnny Dang & Co Review.
  • User Reviews On-site reviews option is available to customers, however there are only a few reviews.

Because the checkpoints we mentioned earlier are not all the same Some of them raise suspicion, and we can’t claim that the website is legitimate.

Customers’ Reviews:

After extensive research We could not find any good user reviews of the site and its products due to lower trust. Potential and interested clients are advised to move forward in the direction of obligation.


To sum up, the positive and negatives of the website are quite mixed as seen on Johnny Dang & Co Reviews However, the price is pricey, and we can conclude that the site is not legitimate.

Feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment in the event that this review has concluded your research.

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