Jif Butter Recall {July} Check What FDA Statement Says! Must Read

This Jif Butter Recall update will inform our readers about the reason that the peanut was recalled. Please read on to learn more.

Jif butter is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional butters. It is a common product in countries such as the United States or Canada. However, unexpected news has made all this possible. According to recent reports, peanut butter from Smucker Company was recalled due to one dangerous substance. You can find out why these products were recalled in this Jif Butter Recall post.

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Why was Jif butter recalled.

The FDA conducted a study a few months back and found that Jif Butter contained Salmonella Senftenberg. This is a dangerous bacteria for humans. They recalled the products. J.M. The Peanut butter with lot codes digits between 1754425 and 2140425 was recalled by the Smucker Company. The above-mentioned lot number was recalled and all people were advised not to eat the peanut butter. These products were not to be sold by grocery stores.

When will Jif Peanut Butter be back in stores?

Everyone loved Jif Peanut Butter. However, the Salmonella outbreak caused many products to be recalled. The FDA has asked everyone to dispose of their products since then.

As research continues, there are no updates on when the products will be available in stores. We will notify our readers as soon as we receive the FDA’s latest reports regarding their product approval. Keep checking back for the most recent updates about their products.

We hope you have understood Jif butter Recall. We will also give you some information about this company. Keep in touch and you will learn everything about this company.

About J.M. Smucker Company

Orrville, Ohio is the headquarters of the company. The Smucker, which produced food products, was established in 1897. This company’s chief executive officer is Mark Smucker. This company was founded by Jerome Monroe Smucker. They sell coffee, pet food, syrups and ice cream. Their products are available in every store worldwide.

This topic is very popular nowadays. People search for Jif butter Recall. The company has been facing financial difficulties since the outbreak. We will keep you informed of any further updates as soon as we receive them.


We have provided detailed information about the company. Because of the dangers in their peanut butter, FDA requested that the company recall all its products. We will notify our readers once the problem has been resolved. They will be back in stock. Buyers will need to wait a little longer.

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