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Did you hear about Nick Cave’s tragic news regarding the death of his second son, Jethro? As the news of Nick’s death, Jethro Cave, was made public, condolences and tributes pour in from Australia to the United Kingdom, and other countries.

Nick Cave confirmed the sad death of Jethro Cave (also known as Jethro Lazenby) on 9 May 2022. Keep reading this post for the most recent updates about Jethro Cave Death.

Jethro Cave Cause of Death:

Jethro Cave was born in 1991. He is the eldest child of Nick Cave and Beau Lazenby. He claims that he didn’t meet his father until he was 7 or 8.

Nick Cave confirmed Jethro Cave’s death as Jethro Lazenby on May 9, 2022. Nick Cave stated that he had saddened to announce the death of his child Jethro. He requested privacy for his family during these difficult times. Jethro Cave’s death has not been officially announced.

Nick Cave Son Jethro Cave

Jethro Cave was conceived in 1991, 10 days before Nick and Viviane Carneiro’s first child. Luke Cave was also born in 1991. Jethro met his father only when he was eight years old.

Jethro was Nick’s only son. He didn’t help him much even though he was his son. His father, Jethro Cave was his first inspiration. He later changed his name to Jethro Lazenby. Jethro was an actor, model, musician, and successful musician. He has worked with Versace and Balenciaga. He also appeared in films such as Corroboree or My Little Princess.

How did Jethro Cave die? It is not yet known.

Latest news from Jethro Cave:

Jethro Cave was jailed in 2018 for making threats to his girlfriend with life. Jethro was also sent to jail again in April 2022 after he kneed and left his mother bleeding and bruised.

Jethro was released from jail on 7 May 2022, after his lawyer stated that Jethro suffered from schizophrenia and needed to be treated for substance abuse. Jethro was supposed to return to court on 29 June to face sentencing for several other charges. Unfortunately, Jethro died two days later and Jethro Cave Cause Of Death wasn’t yet revealed.

Nick Cave’s death:

Nick Cave’s second son, Jethro, has been lost recently. After Arthur fell from a cliff at age 15, Nick and his family were devastated for many years. Later reports revealed that the teenage victim had taken LSD prior to the tragedy.

Nick Cave had planned to publish a memoir this Autumn about his grief over Arthur’s passing. Unfortunately, he has lost another son.


Jethro Cave is Nick Cave‘s eldest child. He was 31 years old when he died in May 2022. Jethro Cave Causes of Death are not yet revealed by any family member, or concerned authority. Did you enjoy the article? If you have any information about Jethro Cave’s passing, please comment below!

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