Jean Smart Wordle {May 2022} NYT Mini Crossword Hints Check Here!

Jean Smart Wordle has provided clues and solutions for the NYT mini crossword, along with some details concerning the sport.

Are you a word-game enthusiast who loves solving crosswords through the New York Times platform? The New York Times has created a mini crossword game that is becoming popular across the United States among people who love puzzles. Certain of the games available on the platform are exclusively available to members.

Gamers who are trying to solve this crossword on the 30th of May have found the answer in number 8. Emmy award-winning HBO show with Jean Smart. To learn more about these mini crossword clues as well as Solutions, read The Jean Smart Wordle to the finish.

Mini Crossword on NYT:

The crossword of the 30th May includes five clues across format and five clues in down format. Each clue has the player is given a number and the player must provide an answer to a given number in the across as well as down formats. We provide all the clues as well as the possible answers for each format so that players to solve the puzzle by themselves, with no assistance.

Five clues in the Across for the 30th mini crossword game

  • Personal development
  • Metallic mix
  • How many times have the Minnesota twins have won the World Series?
  • Emmy award-winning HBO Show starring Jean Smart
  • Hurricanes center

Jean Smart Wordle Down Hints for 30 th Crossword:

In mini crosswords, the players have to come up with answers to the clues at the beginning to aid them in solving the entire puzzle. Some tips to solve the puzzle using a Down format are provided below for crossword puzzlers.

  • Do one’s self a wash
  • John Hall of Fame
  • Girl who explores wonderland
  • The hand that is defeated by an open palms during an event
  • Color changers for hair

Word puzzle solvers who regularly solve word puzzles can solve the crossword using these tips for down and across. We’ve provided solutions for several clues in the following part of Jean Smart Wordle for those who are new to puzzle solving.

Solutions for Today NYT Mini crossword

The mini crossword requires no additional skills in comparison to Wordle as well as its cousin, as the clues are drawn from various areas. The clues provided above suggest that people with a good understanding of the crossword without much effort.

  • 2. John Hall of Fame Elway Elway
  • 3 Girls who go through the lands of wonder 3 Girl who travel to Wonderland Alice
  • 4 Fist is defeated by an open palm in an event – Rock
  • Seven times Minnesota twins have taken home the world series twice?
  • 8 Emmy award-winning HBO Show starring Jean Smart Hacks. Hacks

Jean Smart Wordle the Mini Crossword:

This game differs than Wordle as well as its counterparts and NYT is launching it to improve users experience on its platform. The facts regarding this crossword game are listed below.

  • The game was developed by Rich Proulx and edited by Will Shortz.
  • It is published in newspapers, apps and on the NYT website.
  • It’s a crossword game that has cross and down clues.
  • Mini Crossword is playable by anyone who has NYT’s registration No subscription is required to play it.
  • Joel Fagliano designs his daily puzzle.

Last verdict

Jean Smart Wordle is is not a word game like the majority of people were looking for it on the web. It’s an across clue eight in the the 30 the May’s NYT mini crossword

as well as Hacks is the answer to this clue. Word-players can discuss their thoughts on today’s mini crossword by commenting in the comment section.

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