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Do you enjoy streaming exclusive movies and web-based shows on Netflix? Recently, the streaming platform launched an exclusive Netflix exclusive film called Senior Year featuring Jade Bender, a 24 years old American performer, actress models, also a popular social media user.

Jade Bender is from California and is well-known for her performances in a variety of well-known films, like Night School and Major Crimes. Recently, her latest film, Senior Year. Many people in Canada and the United States and Canada are looking online for more information and are looking at Jade Bender’s Jade Bender Wikipedia page.

Who is Jade Bender?

Jade Bender is a renowned American actress, model, as well as a social media influencer. Her acting career began by appearing in local commercials. She was in the spotlight following her appearance on her role in the Netflix Exclusive production Senior Year, released on 13 May 2022.

She was the daughter of Lon Bender, and Peggy Bender; her father was an illustrator and her mother was homemaker. Born on 11th September 1997, at Los Angeles, California. She went to school in California and then graduated within Los Angeles, California. Her debut came as Alice on the television program Major Crimes.

Jade Bender Nationality Ethnicity, Ethnicity as well as Parents!

As previously mentioned, Jade Bender was born in America and holds American citizenship. She is a citizen in Los Angeles, California. The actress comes from a well-known and established family that lives in California.

Jade Bender was born in 1997 to Lon Bender (Father) and Peggy Bender (Mother.) The actress has not revealed her personal life or parents. However, after a thorough review, we discovered she has a father who is an artist and the mother of her is domestic worker. There’s nothing else concerning her parents.

She was born as an artist and, since her early years, she was a participant in numerous activities and plays. Regarding Jade Bender’s ethnicity she is part of an ethnically diverse group. The actress hasn’t shared any details regarding her siblings and cousins.

Why Jade Bender is on Limelight?

Jade Bender is a renowned American model and actress being praised in the eyes of her fans due to her part in the well-known Netflix movie, Senior Year, released on the 13th of May, 2022. The film drew the attention of many of her fans across the globe, and brought much-needed fame to the actresses, and especially Jade Bender.

Then, they were looking for more information about the actress.

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