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This guide provides details on a five-letter word called TRIKE for readers to get to know more about Trike.

Are you able to answer Wordle #396 released on 20 July 2022? Many players have correctly answered the Wordle #396 question in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom using the clues.

The hints indicated that Wordle 20 July’s answer was TRITE. Many players correctly guessed it. Many players also guessed TRIKE because the word begins with TRI. Many players are still confused, so they want to know What is Trike a Wordle Word as well as the correct answer to Wordle 396.

Is Trike a Correct Wordle word?

Yes, TRIKE can be used in scrabble and Wordle words that have a meaning. It is not the correct answer to question #396. Many players guessed TRIKE on the 20th of July 2022 in order to answer the question.

The clues indicate that Wordle #396’s answer starts with TRI. Many players believed the correct answer was TRIKE, as it has a meaning and begins with TRI. Tricycle is the meaning of this word, and it begins with TRI. Players were asked to guess the word in order to answer the question on 20 July.

Is Trike an Word What was the Right Answer to Wordle #396

We have determined that Wordle #396 was published on the 20th of July after analyzing online. Based on the correct answers of players, there were many clues. These clues indicate that the five-letter word for question #396 begins with TRI.

Many players believed the answer was TRITE, which is a tricycle. However, this was incorrect as TRITE was the correct answer. Many players believed that TRIKE was correct because the word begins with TRI.

Many players correctly guessed TRIKE, so others began searching online for Is trike a Wordle Word. Although TRIKE can be translated to tricycle, it cannot be used as the correct Wordle word for riddle #396.

Why is Word TRIKE Trending in

The Wordle word trending is TRIKE because many players correctly guessed the word to solve riddle #396. The trick was to find a five-letter word that began with TRI. Many players chose TRIKE to answer the riddle. Others wanted to know if it was correct.

After analyzing, we discovered that TRIKE is a valid Scrabble term that means tricycle. It was not the correct answer to riddle 396. It is now trending because many Wordle players have guessed it as the answer to riddle.


Wordle #396 has been released on 20th Jul 2022. Players are asked to guess a five letter word that begins with TRI. Many players thought that TRIKE was the correct answer. However, it was incorrect as TRITE was the correct answer. Many players had guessed it so everyone began searching online for the word. Is Trike a Wordle Word? Although TRIKE is a Wordle term, it is not the right answer for the riddle.

What words were you able to guess for riddle number 396? Let us know your guesses in the comments section.

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